Winter Newsletter 2014/15

Winter Newsletter

In this edition: Achieving goals, Philosophy via Trance Mediumship, How to make a link with a spirit communicator, Winston Churchill and Helen Duncan, What I’m up to and more…

Claire Broad

We have arrived in 2015!

As we close in on the end of January, are you doing well with your New Year resolutions?  Well done if you are.  Studies show that most people will give up on them by the 3rd week of January, so if you fit into the latter, you are not alone.

There’s something about the turn of a New Year.  Although it’s wonderful to start anew, it also seems to remind everyone that we are not immortal and we don’t have forever to achieve our goals.  It propels us into vowing to shape up and get cracking before time runs out, thus piling on more pressure in an already stressful world.

It’s little wonder then that resolutions rarely last.  We set ourselves up for a fall.  The prospect of doing the same thing over and over for the foreseeable future, especially if it doesn’t come naturally to us, is enough to make anyone feel bored or overwhelmed.

So stop a minute and ponder on this.  If, as scientists theorise, time is really happening all at once, doesn’t that mean that all we ever really have, is this moment, right now?

Wouldn’t it be better time spent if we focused on our needs in this moment instead of an imagined future? After all, the future is never going to come, it will always be this moment.  By breaking down goals into moment by moment choices, we stand a much better chance of success.  All you really need to ask yourself at any given time is what do I do with this moment? What is best for me right now? Sometimes, it will mean swinging into action or planning an event, other times it will mean accepting the fact that right now you feel lazy and rest is best.  Maybe you’ve eaten something that is not in your healthy eating plan.  Understanding that this action now belongs to the past, allows you the choice to feel committed again to the present; to start anew.   I’m not suggesting we no longer make provisions for our future.  If this moment requires you to plan something in your calendar for a future date, then do it now.  If not, let it go and focus again on what this moment does require from you. Instead of living in a projected future or lingering in the past, you can begin to really show up for your own life and the irony is that the future then takes care of it’s self.

In the Spirit World there is no time.  No day or night dictated by the spinning of the Earth around the Sun.  Life is eternal because there is no time.  This is our natural state of being and one we will return to.  It’s also where peace and contentment can be found.  The trick is to bring this awareness into your daily life and access that point of timelessness now.

My lovely Nan who graduated into Spirit last year always used to say to me “if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans”.  I guess it’s true!

Artist impression of Claire Broad's Spirit

Trance Teachings from Spirit

Excerpt from session held on 20 January 2015

There is a new wave and waves of energies bombarding, transforming and being focused at the Earth as we make a turn in Earth years into a new year.  These waves come from thought energies and from consciousness and from the conscious minds/awareness of those existing outside of the Earth’s physical reality.  It has been a turbulent time and within the last year or so as you would call it, there has been a tumultuous up and downing of these waves.  Humans cannot but feel the resonance of this energy as like ripples in a pond, those waves filter through their magnetic fields.  This energy forms and comes about from millennia of thinking, both on the Earth and from spheres and dimensions outside of the physical.  We in Spirit must navigate through these waves and send our calming influence upon them, but ultimately it is not for us to tamper with the outcome of all of the thought and conscious creativeness within the universe.  This would be to interfere with the creative process its self and divine creation. 

Many people, particularly younger generations, are trying to find their footing, bridging between the old energies of the Earth and the new ones that come in.  If you imagine the trunk of a tree and if you saw that trunk in half and look at the lines as they filter out, so it is too in energetic terms, that this is what happens to planets, much like the shell of a conker changing.  Everything has those lines of time rippling through them and so another layer is placed around your planet and in doing so the old energies must settle down with the new and therefore, many people are finding that the old ideas no longer serve, but yet they are not really sure of what the new should be.  Intelligence, Creativity, Ideas gradually filter into the physical and this process must and always does, slowly evolve.  However, when large waves, as have been reaching the earth recently, wrap themselves around the Earth, it is obviously normal that such large amounts of energy will have a greater impact.  As with all things there are peaks and troughs and right now those waves are more powerful than at other times when it has been balance that has been the order.  Do not be surprised then to discover that life is becoming more challenging to many.  Those who find themselves in joy, in alignment with the new frequencies, who find themselves in the space to be creative, will find that they enjoy the change, or at least will find they can be flexible with it – but those who harp back to the old and who find change difficult will find that these energies agitate them in a way they were not expecting or ready for. 

Many of you are discovering that loss, change and letting go is becoming something that you are facing more regularly.  It is hard to weather the loss of a loved one, the change in life circumstances, or just finding that you are no longer in alignment with those around you and that you must make the decision yourself to leave behind and let go of those who are familiar and that which you have always known.  However, it is always necessary to move forward.  Nothing can stand still, least of all time.  Where would the joy in life be, if everything remained the same and constant at all times?  If you are able to stand back to see the larger picture and to view life as a journey, as a trip that you have taken and one that will continue in it’s many guises even after you have passed from your physical body onwards, it becomes easier to understand the joy in allowing things to change and allowing times to be different.  The struggles ultimately that people face, are through not being able to make a change and in resisting the unknown and the new and holding on to patterns and beliefs of the past.  Accessing the inner child within you, the adventurer, the little being that as it discovered all things new, discovered it with excitement and awe, is one way of being able to move through these times – seeing the excitement in the change.

Many people, many souls, will not need to be in physical form to move into these times.  Part of the change will be them moving on into different dimensions.  Many more will come into this planet, into physical embodiment and push forward and drive the necessary change that is needed.  It can seem overpowering, overwhelming and depressing to watch the horrors that are played out on Earth, being played out globally in front of everybody and being brought to the fore.  This is happening more and more. As these waves penetrate the Earth, sift through into the consciousness of man and encourage change, you have to let go of what no longer serves or is no longer an expression of who you are; moving humanity forward.  Humanity always has a choice.  Often these decisions hang on a fine balance.  How you, humanity, chooses to move forward is always yet to be seen.  You have the freedom to make decisions and choices.  It is only that for many many years, you have allowed those decisions and choices to be made by a few.  It is our hope that you will move forward as a whole, understanding that being as one is more beneficial, more harmonious.  Ultimately you can manifest much quicker your ideas as one, than pushing through the ideas of a few that do not serve the many.

We are all, whether we are in Spirit or whether in physical form, spiritual beings.  Our goals are to exist within happiness, to experience joy, to have fun, to feel fulfilled, and so we draw close with words of encouragement and wisdom for those who wish to hear and listen, to maybe find a pointer within themselves that directs them forward, to help them find their inner happiness, contentment and peace; whether that be whilst they are here in physical form or whilst they are in Spirit. 

Above image: Psychic Artist’s impression of Claire’s main Guide, Whitefeather. Many higher minds draw close to Claire during her trance sessions and present as a group consciousness.

Teachings brought through the mediumship of Claire Broad and as such the transcripts are the property of Claire Broad.


Bite sized learning…

How to start a link with a spirit communicator

1.  Sit quietly with a sympathetic friend and still your mind of thought

2.  Ask a spirit communicator to come close to you.  Ask that it must be someone who is connected to your friend and stipulate that you only work in a loving way. TRUST it can happen

3.  Become aware of everything you sense, feel, hear and know

4. Pay attention.  Do you feel any different?  Do you begin to feel male or female? Tall or short? Fat or thin? Old or young? How does your personality change?  What emotions do you feel?

5. Do you see any images in your mind’s eye? Do you have any knowings?

6. Perhaps you hear something internally in your mind?

7. Begin to build the blocks of communication by going with the first impressions you get, trusting in them and expressing them to your friend.

You may well be surprised to find that your friend can understand the person you’re describing or some of the information you are giving.

If you get a No from your friend, don’t give in.  Mediumship is not easy.  If it were, everyone would be able to do it.  It takes dedication, practice and lots of trust.  You will need to become skilled first in getting your conscious mind out of the way.  When it is in the way, we make mistakes.  It take practice learning to tune into higher frequencies in order to blend our mind with those in Spirit.

If you are new to Mediumship, it is always advisable to find an experienced tutor and to sit within a group circle whilst you learn.



What I’m up to!

On Saturday 7 February, I’m taking a handful of my developing mediums to Merstham (near Redhill) to take part in a day of readings at The Positive Living Centre.  This is an opportunity to receive a reading and at the same time help budding mediums practice.  Readings cost a minimal fee of £5 just to cover expenses.  If you’d like to book an appointment, please call 01737 668422 as spaces are limited.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Claire’s calendar of Events:



Sunday 25th, Basingstoke SNU, 6.30pm


Sunday 1st, Maidenhead SNU Spiritualist church, 6.30pm

Sunday 15th, Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm


Sunday 1st, Andover Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

Sunday 8th, Hampton Hill SNU – One Day Mediumship workshop.  Book direct with the church


Sunday 12th, Windsor SNU, 6.30pm

Sunday 26th, Reading SNU, 6.30pm


Looking for something to read?…

This is not a new book, in fact it’s out of print but can still be bought on Amazon second hand.  Never the less it’s an important read:

In Victorian Britain, a group of eminent scientists got together to found a society expressly to prove the existence of ghosts. The age of Darwin represented the greatest scientific advances known to man. The tension between science and religion was exposed by Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species” in 1859, which challenged the basic tenets of belief. Yet, many of those in the forefront of the scientific revolution could not give up the idea of a higher reality. Life after death was the unknown frontier. Victorian society was full of mediums claiming they could communicate with the spirits of the dead. Baffling psychic phenomena occurred every day at seances: mysterious rappings were heard, furniture moved, ghostly forms appeared, the mediums spoke in the altered voices of the dead with information only their nearest could possibly know. Pyschometry involving locks of hair and watches and children’s toys; telepathy; ouija boards; apparitions; astral projection: all were commonplace. In 1882, the Society of Psychical Research was founded in London to investigate all these phenomena: it was a group led by some of the greatest scientists of the age but its membership also included Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Leslie Stephen, Virginia Woolf’s father, John Ruskin, the Reverend Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). Six months later William James, Professor of Psychology at Harvard, and the brother of Henry James visited London and went on to set up American branch. Their experiments went on for years. Many mediums, like the notorious Madame Blavatsky, were exposed as charlatans yet there were some mediums who continued to communicate directly with another world, who despite every rigorous scientific test seemed to prove that souls survived death. This is the story of this group of forward thinkers: many of whom were driven to the spirit world by personal tragedy, some whose feeling of loss lead to their own suicides. It is the story of the greatest ghost hunt of any age


Did You Know?

Today, Friday 30 January 2015, is the 50th Anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death.  Did you know that he wrote a letter to the Home Secretary branding the criminal conviction of medium, Helen Duncan under the Witchcraft Act as “obsolete tomfoolery”.  Discover more about Helen Duncan and her connection to Winston Churchill, by clicking on these links.


To meditate on…



Claire Broad is a Medium, Spiritual Development Mentor, Public Speaker and Psychic Intuitive with 18 years professional experience.  She is a popular speaker, teacher and demonstrator and runs a busy private practice from Fleet, Hampshire, serving the UK and beyond!  To find out more visit

Please note, the views expressed in this communication are in line with Claire’s own beliefs. You are encouraged to explore the evidence for the continuation of consciousness after physical death for yourself and to draw your own conclusions. Mediumship is always experimental and no specific outcomes can be guaranteed.


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