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Claire runs exciting learning opportunities throughout the year which prove very popular.  This page is updated regularly, please check back for further updates, so you do not miss out.   Keep an eye on Claire’s social media too, as she’ll post videos to keep you informed.



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Running once a month on a Wednesday @7.30pm (UK)

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90 mins Online Zoom Session Spiritual Awareness Sessions (SAS) Claire has created these highly unique and extremely popular Spiritual Awareness Sessions (SAS).  The emphasis is on self realisation by gaining deeper understanding from wisdom teachings and current knowledge, in order to align the mind with the soul.  Each month, Claire facilitates monthly online Zoom sessions that equate to “soul food”.  Simple but deeply transformative, these Spiritual Awareness Sessions take the format of a guided meditation, followed by participants being able to ask Claire any question they like on any spiritual topic.  Claire is able to draw from a vast amount of knowledge she herself holds, due to 25 years of working with spirit plus at times when needed, she draws upon the inspiration of her own spirit guides, and of course encourages group discussion when appropriate.

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Running once a month on a Wednesday, at 7.30pm (UK)


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90 mins Online Zoom Session Give It a Go! Sessions (GIGs) Claire has a GIG for you! Unlike traditional workshops, these Give It a Go! Sessions are designed to be a practice ground.  Imagine children at play.  They explore, discover and create together without any motivation other than to enjoy themselves.  Metaphorically speaking, the GIGs will be “sandpit” sessions where you can sink your toes into the sand, roll up your sleeves, play, explore and grow.  The emphasis is on self realisation, so you won’t be taught in the traditional sense, rather you’ll be guided by Claire to discover for yourself.  Claire will facilitate each monthly online Zoom session and it will be kept simple.  Sessions will include a guided meditation, a suggested exercise for practice and time allocated to break out into online practice rooms to get hands on.  It’s perfect both for participants wanting to explore their own psychic potential for use in their daily lives, and for participants wishing to become practitioners in their field who need people to practice on.   It’s not about how good you are or how much you already know.  It simply doesn’t matter for these sessions. Participants will teach each other as each will learn as much from the others, with focus squarely on self-realisation and not competition and ego.

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Saturday 30 April 10am until 4pm In-person 1 day workshop Adventuring into Mediumship with Confidence Follow-On Day

Open to any participant who has previously attended Claire’s Adventuring into Mediumship with Confidence 2 day Mediumship workshop at Farnham Museum.  This 1 day follow-on day promises to pick up from where you left, giving you the opportunity to practice with and explore your mediumship potential further.  Spaces are limited.

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Sunday 1 May


10am until 4pm







In Person 1 Day Workshop







The Spiritual Shield  

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Saturday 16 July 2pm until 6pm (UK) 4 hour Zoom online workshop via The College of Psychic Studies

How to Contact and Communicate with your Spirit Guides

No medium works alone. History reveals that the highest esteemed mediums of their day were the ones who were aware of the spirit team that worked alongside them.

It was never just about the medium themselves and more to do with a team effort. Often, the medium’s spirit guides became just as well known as the medium themselves.

In this livestream workshop, Claire Broad, herself a medium who works closely with her own spirit team, will assist you in developing the connection to your own spirit guides. Together, a sacred space will be created whilst learning to work in collaboration with your guides.

Join Claire and her guide, White Feather, to learn ways to improve the quality of your mediumship whilst being in a relaxed and encouraging learning environment.  Open to all from beginner level student onwards

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Watkins Academy Master Class available to purchase and download

Watkins Books has produced a Watkins Academy online training resource for all those who wish to explore spirituality and well-being.

Claire was asked to create for Watkins Books, a ‘Psychic Power and Spirit Communication’ programme.  The online training resource is ideally suited to anyone who is at beginner level and who requires an introduction to the basics about psychic development and mediumship.  The course aims…

  • To provide a resource from which you can learn in your own time and from your own home
  • To provide you with information that will help you to get in touch with your spiritual nature so you can discover the reality of the spirit dimensions for yourself.
  • To be an introduction to developing psychic ability and mental mediumship in different forms
  • To provide a step by step guide of how to make a connection with the spirit world for yourself through mental mediumship utilising a video guide and study guide as directional tools.
  • To learn the difference between working psychically and working with mediumship
  • To gain tips on how to develop a closer relationship with you own spirit guides and much more…

Claire would like to thank the students who wish to purchase this online training resource through the Watkins Wisdom Academy website.  Use the promotional code: Claire when you get to the checkout and receive 15% discount as result of visiting Claire’s website here today.  (Offer for a limited time only.)  To visit the Watkins Academy Website, click the learn more button below.

Disclaimer: This course has been brought to you by Watkins Wisdom Academy (part of Watkins Media and Watkins Books).  Information provided on this website has been taken from the Watkins Wisdom Academy website