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 by Tina
Remarkable lady. Excudes warmth. Honest and funny.

I had my long awaited reading with Claire yesterday. She described a tough situation that I've been dealing with now for several years, and connected me to my mother in law, who I've never met as she passed when my husband was only 20. Claire described her personality exactly as she's been described to me by people who knew her. Claire also connected to my late father, who also gave some much needed advice regarding the toxic situation in which I find myself. I consider myself a strong person, but I really needed to hear the information Claire passed to me yesterday, none of which she could have guessed. This is the second reading that I've had with Claire over the past several years. She's an honest, funny and very gifted lady. For those of you desperate to hear messages from your loved ones in spirit, a reading with Claire is worth the wait. Yesterdays reading was a game changer for me, as it answered so many questions that I'd been asking myself. I cannot recommend a reading with Claire highly enough.

 by Chris Parker
A wonderful reading

It's taken me quite a while to write this review as it's not something I normally do, but I wanted to share my experience for anyone considering a reading with Claire. We lost our Mum suddenly in 2021, and after a reading with a local medium which didn't turn out so well, we booked a zoom reading with Claire. From the start of the reading Claire was great. Friendly, honest and very personable. She explained the process of the reading very clearly, and asked us not to give any information that could influence her. Claire connected with our Mum straight away, she accurately described how she'd passed and described her personality and sense of humor perfectly. She went on to give us so many details which she simply couldn't have known, but more than anything she gave us peace of mind that our beautiful Mum was happy, well and being looked after in spirit. I listen to the recording Claire sent us of the reading every now and again and really take comfort from it. Readings may take a while to get, but they are definitely worth the wait as Claire is a very special person with an amazing gift.

 by Lindsey
Soul Reading

Had the most amazing Soul Guidance reading I have ever had in my life. Claire brought loved ones through from spirit, but also worked on so many different levels of mind, body and spirit. Claire is the only person I know that does this kind of reading.
She has helped me to go forwards now and heal my own body from pain and suffering. I now have the confidence to do this. Claire is the most beautiful caring soul, helping me understand this incarnation's lessons. Also, Claire informed me of my spirit guides.
I am totally blown away by all the incredible information on every single level. The information given was one hundred percent accurate.
I feel honoured that Claire and White Feather were able to make a connection to the spirit world for me, and so grateful for my loved ones who came through too.

 by Lucy Wood
100% Genuine

Claire held such a lovely space for me today. I was blessed to make contact with three loved ones. Claire truly has a gift and is 100% genuine and worth the wait! Claire was able to confirm very accurately, the circumstances surrounding my dad's passing. I cried and I laughed, but most importantly I was comforted. It's like a weight has been lifted and I genuinely feel I can 'move on' knowing my loved ones in spirit truly have my back here on earth.

 by David Walsh

I Attended my 1st workshop today at the College of Psychic Studies, hosted by Claire Broad. For many years now I have dabbled and read about the different areas within is this subject, but I never really had the time to further my pursuit in understanding more. I’m so glad that I made the time today, Claire explained something that just made sense to me. I never got that answer or understanding from any books I had read or videos watched. The day just got better and better; I have now signed up for Claires Spiritual Awareness Sessions online and can’t wait for the next workshop.
Thank you so much Claire.

 by anne powell

This review is a bit late as i had my reading with Claire at the end of March.
I booked a reading with Claire about 14 months ago hoping to connect with my dad, very sadly before the reading my mum also passed away. Claire brought through my mum who had only passed over 8 days previously! To say i was amazed was an understatement! So many validations from mum through Claire and some that at the time i wasn't aware of and all have materialised! I can honestly say that Claire is one of the best mediums i have ever used and she delivers messages with such care and attention. She is also so lovely and it was a pleasure to meet her. Will definitely recommend her.

 by Christie
Truly exceptional & charismatic teacher

I spent this weekend on a 2day ‘in person’ workshop with Claire. Absolutely loved every minute of it, wish I could spend more weekends like this!
Claire & her lovely mum Ann made us feel all very welcome and comfortable. We were quite a mixed bag of students, some with no prior experience in and others having been in development a while, but Claire’s depth of knowledge, honesty and warm charisma made learning fresh, fun and very informative for all!
I feel I learnt more in these two days than I have a year elsewhere, I really couldn’t recommend her more. Thanks again Claire & Ann xx

 by Paula Curson
Family Affair...With Giggles

After a shaky start with Zoom (I'm a novice) eventually found Claire's invitation in the spam folder! It was part face to face and landline!!
We managed a giggle over that one and more. I hadn't had a reading in years and after reading Claire's books I knew I wanted to have one with her. I wasn't disappointed, I didn't have anything specific I needed to know but things ramped up when my Mum and Dad came through and Claire totally had their different personalities to a T. Claire also was spot on regarding my family members, the jobs/studies they were in and relationships. So, my gratitude to Claire and Ann for an uplifting experience and I hope to be read again somtime in the future. I really felt with Claire I was with a good friend. Thanks for the giggles Claire.

 by John Thorpe

I had a reading this morning, this is my 3rd with Claire. Well what can i say, amazing as usual, last night i was speaking about my mums dad, i was only young when he passed and had not previously thought about him, well my grandad came through and mentioned everything about what i was talking about yesterday.  Claire described him and his personality very accurately and how he passed, Claire also mentioned my 2 dogs Norbert and Wilson, again very accurate. I was told information regards my mother in law who passed away last year, she correctly said how she passed and how it has had an impact on my wife and father in law, plus personal info. Claire also told me relevant and correct info on my personal life. I was left feeling elated, gob smacked too, this reading was so comforting.  I am left in no doubt life goes on and loved ones are with us always. Claire has an amazing gift, she is a warm and friendly lady, makes you feel at ease and the readings are so comforting. Highly recommended, worth the wait.

 by Helen Lister
Reading on 9 th Feb 2021

I was hoping to connect with my beloved partner. He came through loud and clear. Not only did Claire tell me many, many facts that i could acknowledge/verify but the manner/ way of speech was so like his - I was left in no doubt that it was him. My mother also came through and it was amazing the information that she passed on- so accurate and in so much detail. In fact several things that she told me had to be verified by my sister as i wasnt aware of them! Absolutely amazing- i can' t thank you enough. You changed my bleak, .desperate out look to one of hope and comfort. It also changed / improved the way i view things. .Thank you from the bottom of my heart Xxx???

 by Mark. R
Proof of afterlife

I had the pleasure of a reading from Claire today via Zoom, i have to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that life goes on and our loves ones remain in spirit.
Claire knew some things that only my dad could have know.
What a lovely lady, Claire put me at ease right away amd explained the process to me prior to the session starting.
Felt super lucky as white feather (claire's spirit guide) showed up, i was gob smacked to say the least.
You will be very lucky to get a reading due to claire having a busy diary but if you do get the chance snap it up, truely is a chance of a lifetime.

Thank you so much Claire

Take care
Mark x

 by Sandra Harvey
Empathetic intuitive and totally focussed medium

I have had other readings but never felt so "in tune" with a medium who is absolutely grounded and really receiving those longed for connections with our loved ones. I read Henry Holland's wonderful "Death is nothing at all" at my father's funeral and struggled to believe that Dad was "just in another room" Now I believe absolutely. The love connection is never broken. Claire brought that reality to me. Today was a milestone in my spiritual journey. Thank you Claire so very very much. (Warm regards to Ann) I look forward to linking with you again one day.

 by Robert Belton
Clair broad The Genuine medium

I had a reading with Claire on 27th November 2020 via Zoom.
I lost so many close family members in the space of 2 years including my son that I needed to start believing in Heaven / afterlife.
I've had a lot of readings with mediums that have been very good but I still needed more validation.
Claire gave me that validation I needed.
She connected with my family in spirit in the same order they passed , leading up to my son at the end. She passed on their characters so well , I knew exactly who she was connecting with. She also got names too.
It was the most incredible reading I have ever received.
She is such a genuine medium and also a genuine and lovely person to speak to, we had a nice chat at the end of the reading as she didn't have anymore readings after me.

Robert Belton

 by Nikki Hope
Uplifting and Powerful

I lost my son and then lost me, how can I keep going on with my heart so broken..
I read Claire's amazing book "What the dead are dying to teach us" which gave me such a wonderful insight of the spiritual world and I opened myself to the possibilities of connecting and gaining strength in my well being. Everything that was happening to me was now making sense, I wanted a reading as soon as i could, I wanted to connect to help heal my broken heart.

I had my reading via Zoom because I live abroad and couldn't make it to the UK. Although I was desperate to meet Claire in person, having a reading via Zoom did not disappoint at all. Claire puts you at ease straight away, she is very professional and very natural, I didn't want my time with her to end. Everything I hoped for and more came through, I was left feeling lifted and so grateful to Claire (and so was my son). We were even blessed to have White Feather join us, it was incredible. Thank you so much Claire, you're a gift for us all. I gave 5 stars but I would give a million if I could. Highly recommended from me X

 by Sue Bunting
Reading with Claire

I had my first reading with Claire on 2/5/2020 and firstly I just want to thank Claire for her time. I was absolutely blown away by her accuracy of my Mum, Claire described her perfectly and even told me what she passed away with, everything she said things that there's no way she could have known about if my Mum hadn't connected with her. I always hoped that their was something else after we died but since knowing Claire and having a reading I know one hundred percent that I will see my family in spirit again. Claire your not only a kind, caring wonderful person your passion shines through and you are an incredibly talented lady, I can never thank you enough for bringing my beautiful precious Mum into my home and heart ♥️

 by Samantha
Spiritually Redifining

I have always believed in the spiritual word and there being an afterlife, but when a loved one passes; it totally throws your beliefs, and brings in questions and doubts as to why they were taken away. My first thought when I was told the news about my brother was 'where did he go?' I stumbled upon Claire's book at the library and felt compelled to read it, and soon after I made contact to book an appointment. It was totally worth the wait and not scary at all (I was worried as to if I would disturb my resting family members). Ann was fabulous with me through the booking experience and answered all of my questions and putting me at ease. Claire was wonderful from start to finish. I was extremely lucky and thankful to Claire as she made connections with three members of my family; one of which I had never met and one of which I was so desperately hoping would come through; and he did 🙂 Everything about the reading was beautiful and accurate. Claire had no information about me nor my family, and she knew things that she just couldn't have known. It confirmed everything I always knew; we live on after death. Watching family members come through and impress signs and feelings on Claire was magical. There were lots of tears on my part, and I feel totally blessed that to have met Claire and for my reading to have taken place. Having a recording of the reading has been a blessing too as I have been able to revisit our conversation as well as share it with my loved ones who needed to hear the messages that came through. I came away from the reading feeling light and uplifted, and it's helped me in so many ways already. I just can't thank Claire enough, and I would encourage everyone to open their minds to this beautiful phenomenon xxxx

 by Katie

Amazing women . Amazing reading .

Claire was able to provide me with the evidence I needed to know my nan had passed safely and was happy . I feel like a weight has been lifted and I cannot thank claire enough for helping me to connect with my nan once more .

Claire puts you at ease and explains the whole process clearly . I would recommend to anyone who wants to connect to loved ones on the other side .

Thanks again claire !! Xx

 by ron
Out of Time

This week I revisited Claire again after 3 years. The consultation filled me with joy having made meaningful contact with several loved ones.
Now 86, most of my contemporaries have passed to a new timeless dimension.
Still in my thoughts, I often wonder about their new environment.
How strange that my visit to Claire was to open my eyes in this respect.
I noticed that in her busy life she had found time to write 2 books which were to give me many answers. These books are beautifully written and contain details of research, history and experiences. I have been totally absorbed in them
We are so lucky that Claire is there for us. A first class Medium immersed in her profession, so understanding and approachable.


 by John and Loraine Thorpe

My wife and I had a reading with Claire today, I had one previously and was so impressed with it I booked again.
Claire was again so accurate, describing my wife's 2 nans,
Correctly saying that one of them was very stern and Irish but loving and the other very motherly and from London.
Claire told us that my mother in laws legs are very swollen and sore and that she has lymphedema which she has and it was really making her down.
Claire told me she had a ww1 soldier that was linked to me, she said that he's telling her to tell me to come and find him, well I have been doing my family history and searching for my nans partner who was killed in Belgium, I found his records and it is my intention to go and find his plot in Ypres, she told me he was grateful that I remember him although he would not be blood related.
We recieved so much more that left us both in tears.
I strongly recommend Claire, a truly amazing gifted
Thank you again Claire 5 *

 by john
Claire Broad

My wife and I had a reading with Claire yesterday, this was my second time for me, Claire is very welcome and friendly, she puts you at ease immediately.
Claire gave us both a very accurate reading, gave us both information that was personal to us and not known on social media and gave my wife's nans name which was Rose, where she came from and also her other nan and told us about her Irish roots.

Claire informed us that our youngest daughter was a Angel child, meaning she was lucky to survive her birth and had help from spirit, this is totally accurate and no one would know this, she had to be resuscitated as she was not breathing due to her umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck.
Claire gave me information about a WW1 soldier who was thanking me and saying that I had to come and find him, well I have been researching my family tree and trying to find my nans first partner who was killed in action in WW1, no way could she know this.
I strongly recommend Claire Broad, most definitely 5*
A lovely warm welcoming lady.

 by Sue
Reading with Claire

I had a reading with Claire yesterday and was impressed with everything about her. Claire puts you at ease straight away and explains so well how she will conduct the reading and what to expect. The reading itself was incredible, so accurate and with such amazing detail and helped to answer so many questions I had. Claire does the reading with such warmth, understanding and compassion and leaves you in no doubt that she is commuinicating with your loved ones. It is worth the long wait to see her and would have no hessitation in recommending Claire to anyone. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. xx

 by Sharon
My reading

I had a reading with Claire yesterday, what a wonderful friendly lady who has an amazing gift to share. Claire immediately puts you at ease, she has such warmth emanating from her. The reading was fantastic, the detail she gave me was amazing, there is no doubt about the communication with loved ones, it gave me goosebumps. It was well worth the wait, I certainly will be booking another one.

Thank you Claire xx

Thank you so much, Sharon for leaving me this lovely review. It was a pleasure to read for you x

 by John and Julie
Life affirming experience

I read about Claire in the newspaper and subsequently bought her book, which I found fascinating. My husband and I both decided we would each like a reading and so we visited Claire together in January and then again this week. Both readings were amazing and very uplifting. Claire provided accurate information and some of the detail was so specific that there was no doubt that she was communicating with our loved ones. Claire had said that providing loved ones names was not her strong point but then she proceeded to reel off several names which were totally accurate! Claire is so warm, empathetic, welcoming and down to earth. So if you are thinking about a reading but may be nervous, don’t be as Claire will give you a warm welcome and put you at your ease. Thank you for such a wonderful experience Claire.

It was my absolute pleasure to read for you both. Thank you so much for putting your trust in me and I’m so happy you could take so much from the reading x

 by Jacqui Winslade
Claire set Phoenix on Fire!

I invited Claire to demonstrate at my centre in Berkshire. I already knew Claire and had witnessed her wonderful previous demonstrations at a Spiritualist Church, but last night was something else! Claire set the centre on fire with her absolute proof of survival after death. There were tears, laughter and lots of love shared during a wonderful evening demonstration of clairvoyance, which nobody wanted to end.

Claire certainly lives up to her name as "The Honest Medium" and I'm honoured and thrilled to have witnessed such an evening with her - and I'm very hard to please!

 by Valerie Hall
Incredibly accurate/mind blowing to say the least!

Dear Claire - Re: my reading with you on 16th May 2018.

I can't begin to thank you for the accuracy and warmth in which you delivered my reading to me. The first person to come through to you Claire, was my birth mother and I quote you saying ." your mother is here, but she was moved aside for some reason". WOW, that blew my mind, I was adopted after 6 weeks, back in 1957. My mother certainly was put aside until I found her 21 years later, when the law changed and children could trace their biological parents. All the facts about my Mother were so accurate. Also a referral to me bearing a name from the female ancestry - I checked and my maternal grandmother's name was Anne Marie, both names you mentioned!! My middle name both from birth and adoption name was Anne. There were so many accurate facts concerning both my birth and adoptive family. It was by no means a happy ever after adoption, but now at last, I have received messages that will help bring a huge and truly needed healing to me. At last I can look at photos and letters from these departed people who did not know how to care for me back then and CRY tears of release and acceptance and love for them - no matter what occurred back then.

It is a huge relief for me to 'know' they cared enough to come through to Claire on this reading. I feel sure all my chronic health issues will be reduced after my reading too. All I can say is this is the best thing I could have chosen to do to find more inner peace/acceptance about my role in life.

In gratitude from Val.

Wow, Val. This feedback is so extremely valuable to me. I’m humbled and in awe of the intelligence of spirit, because as you know, I have no understanding of what I’m saying. I just pass information on. How wonderful that you have been able to trace your ancestors. The power of spirit is so evident in that you have found inner peace that wasn’t there before. Your feedback is so helpful. Thank you for taking time to leave this review ?

 by Geraldine Kerr
Thank you

I visited Claire on Feb 28th 2018. I was somewhat sceptical and a little nervous as this was my first reading and I wasn't sure what to expect. However, Claire was so warm and welcoming, I totally relaxed. Claire was very honest and told me that she found the reading difficult but would soldier on and tell me whatever came through. The reason for my visit was to be reassured that my mother, who had died suddenly and recently, was happy and at peace. Claire gave me enough information, to convince me that she was communicating with my mother, and she was well and happy.
Claire was not happy with the meeting and stated that she did not want to be paid. Nevertheless, I felt reassured by the session and was more than happy to pay.
Many thanks Claire and I hope to meet again.

Thank you so much for your review Geraldine. I really very much appreciate it. Readings don’t always work as well as I’d personally like them too and in those cases I’m always honest and don’t charge. I am so pleased I managed to perceive enough that day to give you the proof you needed and to provide comfort. Perhaps I hold myself to too high standards but I don’t ever want to change that. It was a pleasure meeting you x ?

 by Claire
Reading has given me so much comfort

Thank you for reading for me this week. I listened to my reading last night with my husband and it really was amazing, I think I was quite overwhelmed at the time and possibly didn't take everything in but there was so much information there which has given me both peace and strength. I believed before that there is something else, somewhere more beautiful where we go to when we pass & I have felt my mum around me giving me support, love and strength but you proved that to me yesterday.

Thank you so much, love and best wishes,

 by Wendy and Dennis
Claire's reading has made our day!

Dad and I have been totally amazed by our reading today. The level of accuracy was outstanding. Even though we couldn’t see or hear them ourselves, we felt surrounded by our family who have passed over to spirit. The detail was amazing, you described to a tee Dad’s living room and then went on to say that he still had some of Mum’s clothes hanging in the wardrobe, specifically mentioning the white cardigan at the front. When you described another man standing by Mum’s Dad, I instantly knew who it was – but then you confirmed it by telling us his name was Ted! On the way home, we realized the significance of Dad’s 3 visits to someone in a white coat. We assumed it was his visits to hospital after a fall, but when we passed the house of a friend of mine who is a physiotherapist, we suddenly remembered that after his x-ray, Dad had 3 appointments with her – and she wears a white coat when working! We’re still thinking about the lump of coal, the name Mary and the town of Richmond, so hopefully the meanings will come to us at some point. Otherwise, everything made perfect sense and was totally spot on. You were amazing Claire, it was a pleasure to meet you, Dad says you should take it up for a living, you’re good at it! We'd love to meet you again at some point in the future.

 by Michelle
Incredible Reading

I had an incredible reading with Claire yesterday-everything was spot on! I’d definitely recommend to anyone who is open minded and wanting communication from the spirit world. Thank you so much Claire-you were really lovely and down to earth 🙂

 by Barry
Thank you so much

Thank you so much for today's reading ! What an unbelievable experience it was truly amazing and accurate in almost everything ! I have just listened to the audio and my wife is totally blown away by it ......

Thank you so much for the messages..., very helpful indeed.

 by Clare S
Phenomenal Reading

Claire read for me today and it blew my mind. Her honesty, warmth, compassion and ability to get the most abstract of information was simply incredible. Her connection to,and respect of, the Spirit world is tangible. I came hoping for a particular connection and didn't get that person, but instead the ones I got (and the detail they came with!) were particularly powerful, not just for me but another family member. I would highly recommend a reading with Claire. She has a refreshing, down to earth, honest and very loving approach.

 by Gisele

I would like to thank Claire for the lovely reading she has done for me. It was very emotional and beautiful and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is searching for some inner peace after the passing of a loved one.

 by Jo Angel
Accurate validation!

Claire has an amazing gift of connecting with loved ones in spirit to give you much needed information with such accuracy, that only leaves you feeling much more comforted and at peace. Claire is one of those mediums that reminds you of how we are connected with the spirit world and how this can help us move forwards in so many ways. Truly amazing reading and gift!! Thank you Claire.

 by Sandy

I went to see Claire today 23rd of may 2017
I was absolutely blown away with my reading. Claire was absolutely spot on with everything. It has given me a sense of comfort as I only lost my beloved mother 6 months ago. Claire was so lovely and very welcoming and made me feel really relaxed.
I will most definitely go and see Claire again.
Thank you so much for today 🙂

 by Anonymous

Absolutely blown away by my reading. Would definately recommend Claire to everyone. She'll make a believer out of you!

 by Anonymous

Claire, I can't tell you how much my reading meant to me, you were amazing and articulated yourself so clearly. I will forever recommend you and thank you so much for giving me so much comfort and hope.

 by Anonymous

Thank you Claire, you gave me so much comfort.

 by Claudia
Just wanted to feedback to let you know

Claire, you probably can't remember the details of the reading you gave me by now but I wanted to explain that you offered quite a bit of evidence I couldn't place, but after the reading I went away to ask relatives and it was very accurate. They were amazed as was I because this was info I didn't know.

 by Karen
Thank you so much

Thank you so much for my reading.
I have listened to the recording a couple of times and it all makes so much sense.
It was so helpful and reassuring.
Thank you again. You are a very special lady and bring comfort to so many people.

 by Mrs Clarke
Thank you so much

Claire, I am so pleased I was able to come and see you. When I listened back to your recording I could take it all in better than when I was actually with you, often putting two and two together and making and discovering good sense of something you have said.
This will be a particularly lovely recording to hear again because it was spot on accurate on so much information and of course about changes since my husband passed over. I feel particularly reassured that he is very well and happy and that he has not and will not forget me, which I guess I so much wanted to hear.
Of course I have given my daughter great ammunition over the dog issue, because now of course she finishes every time with, 'well ............we certainly know Dad approves' !
I thank whoever gave you this great gift you have been given and I thank you for using it to help so many people like me. Bless you.

 by Gary Boller
The best I have seen.

Last week I went to see Claire for a one to one sitting. I had seen her three years before so I knew she was good. My father passed in May last year and being somewhat familiar with spirit communication, wanted to know if he'd 'arrived' ok. Claire did not disappoint as he came through loud and clear. This uplifted the whole family as there were things said to pass on to each of us. What I like about Claire is she is completely normal. Previously she was in advertising and to paraphrase a recent ad campaign...She does exactly what it says on the tin. You might have to wait a bit but it's worth it.

 by DMM
Just Wonderful - thank you Claire!

I've had quite a few readings in my life and I can honestly say, Claire's reading was fantastic. She was able to tell me so much and in such great detail about the loved ones who came through, it was just incredible. If you've never had a reading before, I would thoroughly recommend Claire - she is kind, compassionate and totally professional in her role. I can't thank her enough - I left the reading with absolute peace of mind and an overwhelming sense of joy. So very grateful to have been able to have this experience!

 by Jill

Wow, Claire was just amazing, what a wonderful natural talent she has, I now have total peace of mind after my reading, all the doubts and worries I had have gone. Thank you so much x

 by Chantel

Thank you so much for a wonderful reading it has answered and clarified so many questions I really appreciate it x

 by Janet

After the loss of the most important person in my life I had reached what seemed more misery than I could deal with. I plucked Claire's name off the internet and booked an appointment for a reading. I went home amazed at how accurate my reading was and with more peace of mind than I had known in the previous year. My meeting with Claire has sparked a desire/need to know more about the spiritual world. Thankyou Claire for what you have given me.

 by Babs

Dear Claire

Once again many thanks for my reading today. I feel very blessed to have been able to have such a sincere and comforting reading.

You were 100% accurate and I thank you SO very much for seeing me. I draw strength and reassurance from it.

 by Nicky brown

Well I organised a group reading for myself and 6 other family members. All I can say it WOW. CLaire is gifted !! We actually got the opportunity to say goodbye to a very important person in our lives and we got the chance to actually have closure. She was amazing and all I can say is if you need peace of mine, and the chance to experience something that is truly mind blowing, call Claire. It will be the best thing you have ever done. ThAnkyou sooo much CLaire and I shall be back again to see you in a year

 by Ron

Until recently people would not have believed that real time contacts could be made by phone, television and skype.

Recently Claire took this further demonstrating an instant connection between the material and the world of spirit.

In the comfort of her home this friendly and talented lady put me at ease and immediately revealed that she was united with the energy of my Wife in spirit.

Claire the painted a picture of my Wife's condition, surroundings, contacts and thoughts in surprising detail. Such accuracy with information that is private and personal. The way Claire described and even "role played" my Wife's personality and mannerisms was amazing.

I had been upset for a year by the lack of evidence of my Wife's survival and was concluding that this really was the end of our deep and loving union. What joy to learn that she was "at home" and happy in her new life. The reading really confirmed to me that there is no such thing as Death, purely, just a "passing" to a new dimension.

I can go forward in life now knowing that my Wife has an awareness of both the material and spiritual worlds, she is with us both below and above.

For her contact at both levels is natural and easy.

For us Earthlings contact is only possible through those few that the Divine Power has chosen.

Claire has been singled out for this purpose and I am so grateful that I have had the good fortune to benefit from her dedication and help'

 by Louise

My reading with Claire has given me clear instruction and information to help me move forward through a very difficult time. Along with validations from loved ones it has proved invaluable. I would highly recommend her especially if you have never had a reading before as it can be a bit daunting but she is so kind and caring you will have no need to worry.

 by Douglas

After having a reading with Claire it takes a couple of days to absorb everything you hear. It is a wonderful and life-changing experience, you leave feeling uplifted and a different person with all you have learnt.

The people in Spirit who I was hoping would come through did, and it takes great skill to communicate their differing personalities and pass their messages onto you, whilst also conveying information as to what life was like from their eyes, along with events which have happened since they passed which they want to let you know they are aware of. The level of detail which Claire is able to achieve is astounding, and you are left in no doubt that the evidence of your loved one surviving is undeniable. My late mother even told Claire my route to work and that it had changed a few months ago!

I am very picky and did a great deal of research on Mediums before choosing Claire. If you are in the same situation as me, looking for someone to trust with a situation that is very close and personal to you, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Claire delivers messages with sensitivity, love and, most importantly, the utmost integrity. I feel it is her passion to help and counsel people who have lost someone dear.

It seems that my late Mother chose her for me and guided me to this website. I believe Claire used to work in advertising, so not only has she cracked the physical world but also the spiritual one too!!

Thank you, Claire!

 by Dave Thomas

I attended the one day introduction to mediumship course with Claire and Nicky on the 22nd Nov, I found it to be very informative and helpful for someone as myself who is just beginning to explore new avenue's. The day was well organised, equally inclusive regardless of 'experience' and supportive. Thank you for what was both an eye opener for me and a wonderful day. Dave

 by Lisa

Hi claire,

Was so lovely to meet you and I can't begin to thank you enough! You truly have a special gift. Hearing from my nan today meant everything to me she was my world who I miss dearly! And to hear from her like I did today had me smiling from ear to ear. So many of the things you told me were completely spot on 🙂

 by Laura

Thank you Claire for my reading yesterday, you were very welcoming and helped me relax immediately. The connections you made for me with family members were amazing and the messages you delivered were so accurate, you have helped ease my mind to unanswered questions. You have an incredible gift and I will be recommending you to family and friends. You have inspired me to come along to one of your workshops. Thanks again x

 by Cat Arbon

I have seen a number of mediums over the years and I can easily say that Claire is the best by far. She has the wonderful ability to 'get herself out of the way' so that messages come through loud and clear. It was clear that my loved ones were there with us, Claire proved that beyond doubt.

Claire is also very down to earth and made me feel very at ease, it was a pleasure to spend time with her as well as my loved ones 🙂

Claire has a wonderful ability and I am so pleased to have found her - I will definitely be back for more and am recommending her to all I know!!

Cat, thank you so much for taking the time to leave your feedback for others. I really appreciate your very kind words x

 by Sandra

I have seen Claire twice now- over two years ago and again this week. She was instrumental in helping me in my darkest days after the loss of a very important and much loved person in my life by reassuring me I wasn't alone and very much still connected albeit not able to see. I felt compelled to see her again - I guess for more reassurance - I am so grateful for her for the peace of mind she has allowed me to have by her comforting words- they mean so much and help so much in the healing process. Thank you Claire . I have and will continue to speak about my experience and encourage others to come and see you

Bless you x Comments like yours are the very reason I do this work. Thank you so much.

 by Jade B

Thank you for the amazing phone reading today. Really can't recommend you enough.

You Star! Thank you for you kind comments. It was lovely to read for you.

 by Helen Trussler

Claire did a phone reading for me last week and after my last experience with a so called psychic, I was slightly reticent. I couldn't have been more wrong. Claire was absolutely amazing, she was so accurate and after the reading I felt uplifted and completely convinced she had made contact with those I love. Thank you Claire I cant stop singing your praises, , particuarly to sceptics!

I am only too glad to have been able to prove to you that there are people like myself out there working with integrity and in honesty. It was a pleasure to read for you. Thank you so much for the glowing review 🙂

 by Pam Young

Hi Claire

Thank you so much for your reading this morning. It was lovely to hear that my family are together in their next life and that they are still supporting me. I am glad that my husband is now at peace, even though I wish he was still with me physically, I know he will continue to look out for me and we will be together in the future.

You confirmed for me that he is still around when I was beginning to have doubts.

Thank you so much and I look forward to coming to a demonstration



Thank you so much Pam for taking the time to feed back to me. I really appreciate your review and come and say hi when you come to a demonstration 🙂

 by Lisa

I had been grappling with the idea of visiting a medium for some time. It could not have been a more positive experience. Claire’s warm, engaging style instantly put me at ease. There wasn’t anything ‘spooky’ about the reading. It felt incredibly natural. Claire was able to prove that the essence and spirit of my loved ones have survived after physical death. She confirmed facts she simply could not have known. She also told me things I doubted, but have subsequently found to be true. I’m uplifted by the connection and have nothing but praise for Claire. She is a credible woman with a direct dial to the afterlife. It’s incredible. It’s life changing. Thank you Claire.

What a wonderful review, Lisa! Thank you so so much x x

 by Gary

Hello Claire,

Thank you for a most accurate reading yesterday. I think I can safely say you are the best medium I have had a sitting with.

You linked two worlds together and allowed me to hear from two people I hold dear.

Hi GaryThank you for choosing to see me and for taking the time to feed back to me, it's always so much appreciated. Thank you so much also for your kind words. They mean a lot to me 🙂

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