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In this edition: We Are Never Alone, How to Connect With a Spirit Guide, Life In The World Unseen, The SPR, What I’m up to and more…


I want to share with you something personal that happened to me just 3 weeks ago.  It has proven to me that we never truly walk alone in this world and that we are always supported by our loved ones, teachers and guides in the non-physical dimensions of Spirit, particularly during our darkest days.

Over the Easter weekend, unfortunately for me,  I came down with a very nasty bout of Bronchitis.   I was bed ridden for a week, taking a further two weeks after that to recover.  It was during the first couple of days however, when things were at their worst, that I received a remarkable healing experience from my Spirit Guide, Whitefeather.

It was night time on day two of my illness and I’d had a fever since falling ill which was reaching it’s worst point yet.  No amount of covers on my bed could help me feel warm.  I felt freezing cold and my body really hurt all over.  My heart rate was high and uncomfortable and I was shivering uncontrollably.  I’ve had fevers before but this time it got so intense that I started to feel really worried about myself, especially as the medicine I’d taken had done nothing to alleviate my symptoms.  When my husband came to bed that night, I voiced my concerns to him and mentally thought to myself that I did not know how I was going to endure this night and I wanted some help – and I felt this deeply with all my soul.

It was at that moment I suddenly knew Whitefeather was standing next to my bed.  I couldn’t see him, but I felt his awe inspiring presence.  Seemingly he knew I recognised him as he then took over my clairvoyant vision and projected a vision of himself into my mind.  It was powerful, quite involuntary on my behalf and spontaneously unfolded.  There he was, a young commanding, if not intimidating, figure of a Native American man, standing over my curled up body and I, no longer lying in my bed, was now (in my mind’s eye anyway), on a dusty red earthy ground under a clear night sky.  Whitefeather has projected himself spontaneously into my mind before, but this form of total control communication is extremely rare.  Usually, he chooses to blend with my mind when I’m prepared and willing to work with my mediumship and then it’s always a two way process.  In this instance though, Whitefeather was leading.  Not that I felt scared, I didn’t.   I instantly recognised that I needed and had asked for the help and his presence was a comfort.  It’s incredible that I have built full trust, respect and love for him over the years despite the fact we have never physically met.

Whitefeather proceeded to place his hand on my shoulder and another on my hip and told me calmly that he wanted to place a snake on my tummy! He must have known I’d recoil.  I HATE snakes and wanted to protest loudly as I saw it begin to slither over my torso.  For goodness sake, I had enough to deal with!  I was perturbed enough to do something then that I don’t often do.  Because I was consciously aware, I nervously broached the subject with my husband and recounted what I was seeing, fully expecting him to think I was just hallucinating due to the fever, but to his credit he listened.

Playing out in my mind next was the awareness of a circle of people gathering around me.  Interestingly they kept at a distance so that I could not make out details of their faces, however, I was aware that they’d begun chanting, but as to what they were saying,  I could not begin to recall because I couldn’t hear them.  What I heard instead was a lot of rattling sounds.  The rattling began building in speed and intensity around me, so much so that I actually asked my husband if he could hear it?  Of course he could not.

Next, Whitefeather held the snake’s head near mine so that the fangs of the snake protruded and I saw him wipe his finger down the fang to collect the venom.  It was at this point that I felt uncomfortable and wanted out of the vision.  I attempted to break away from the connection by looking around my bedroom.  Interestingly, now I could see both scenes simultaneously which I rather marvelled at.

All this time the sound of the rattling had been building and was at fever pitch which now took my attention…and then it just stopped!  The vision simultaneously subsided and Whitefeather was gone. What happened next astonished me!  The pain I’d had for two days in my joints and muscles left my body instantly, the fever broke and suddenly I was hot.  I kicked off the many layers of covers on me and in amazement told my husband.  I couldn’t tell what he was making of all of this, but never mind, I could now relax and I fell into a comfortable deep restorative sleep!

The really interesting part of this story, at least to me, is that I always try to research any encounter I receive from the spiritual dimensions by seeing if I can tally up any information with known facts.  Therefore, in the morning as soon as I woke up,  I started up my tablet and opened the internet, typing into the search engine “Did Native Americans use snakes for healing?”.  There, sure enough, came up many sites confirming that yes, snakes were used by shamans for healing purposes and that Native Americans used rattlesnakes and rattles in their medicine!  What’s more snakes were considered to be a link between Earth and Spirit and were often feared as much as they were revered. On top of this, I also discovered the Snake Totem or Power Animal on the Native American Medicine Wheel represents healing.  That sealed the deal for me.  I knew I had no prior knowledge of this up to this experience and I knew I’d been too sick and too focused on dealing with my symptoms to even attempt such creativeness myself.  No, my Guide had visited me and had let me know that he is always there for me in my time of need.  All I have to do is ask!  I fed back my findings to my husband too that morning.  I wanted to make sure he also knew, this had been no hallucination!

I’ve thought about the meaning of this experience in the subsequent days since.  We all have Spirit Guides, but they will never interfere into our lives without our permission.  We must remember to ask for their support and I don’t just mean asking out when you need a car parking space! Put them to good use and when it’s truly needed and if they are able to assist, they will readily give their service.  Of course we must also do the work ourselves, as in this instance, I still had to fight off the virus and heal my body.  How much sweeter was it for me though, to have confirmation that we are never alone.  Hence I am now sharing this personal account with you.  Rest assured, someone is watching over you too.

Bite sized learning…


1.  Find a quiet time, limit all distractions and seat yourself comfortably as you would if you were sitting in meditation.  You may wish to play some relaxing music in the background.

2.  Take a few deep relaxing breaths and set the intention by asking in your mind or out loud that if at all possible, please would your Spirit Guide let themself be known to you as you sit in meditation and may everything done, be done in love.

3.  Relax your mind and try to let go of all thought.  Bring your mind to the present moment by observing the sounds around you and your breath as it passes in and out of your body.

4.  When you feel still, visualise the Earth’s power coming up through your feet as a brilliant light.  Imagine this light and power traveling around your ankles, calves and thighs until it meets with your base chakra.  Allow the light to expand your energy here and heal this centre of energy for you.

5.  When you are happy with this, visualise the light and power coming up from the base chakra to the sacral and let the light expand this centre and bring healing to your body, mind and soul.

6.  Continue to do this for all the major chakras – the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and finishing with the crown.

7.  Once you have expanded your energy and brought healing to all the major chakra points, send the light up out of your head and all around you.  Connecting you to the divine source.

8.  Now imagine you are expanding the light out to flood the room where you are sitting.

9.  Invite your Spirit Guide to step forward into the light and now pay attention to everything you see, feel, hear and know.  Largely these will likely be internal experiences rather than physical materialisation, as your Spirit Guide begins to blend with your mind.

10. Pay attention to the subtle changes you feel.  Spirit Guides are notorious for not showing their full selves straight away and for encouraging you to get to know them.  Don’t be disappointed if you only experience a glimpse or feel a little something energetically. This is enough for now.  Spirit Guide communication is extremely loving and non judgemental and it’s a good indicator that your Guide is with you, if you feel you can no longer contain the amount of love being sent to you.

11.  When you feel you have done all you can, thank your Guide mentally and then visualise yourself retracting the power and light that you sent out.

12.  Bring the light slowly back down through you body starting with the crown centre this time and ending with the base.  Each time it passes through a chakra point, imagine the centre being contracted and your energy returning to every day levels.

13.  Lastly, ensure you ground yourself fully by sending the light back down through your legs and visualising roots from the ground wrapping themselves around your feet.

14.  Return your attention to your breath.  Open your eyes and now make note of your experience.  Keep a record for future reference.

15.You can repeat this exercise another day.  Links with the Spirit World are developed over time, so expect to practice this meditation regularly until you gain clearer insight.

16.  Once you have built a connection with a particular guide, should a Medium then confirm that connection, you have further valid proof of it’s authenticity.

Enjoy practicing!

What I’m up to!

Unfortunately I had to scale things down and focus on my health this Spring so it’s reflected in how many public demonstrations I’m doing.  It all picks up a gear again for the summer though!

As to 1:1 readings, I’m going great guns.  Currently I’m fully booked until November, but you are always welcome to contact me to book an appointment for the future and of course, I run a waiting list, so it may be that things will change and I will be available sooner.  Email me at clairevoyant@virginmedia.com

Claire’s calendar of Events:



Sunday 3rd, Basingstoke SNU, 6.30pm


Looking for something to read?…

This time I’m recommending a book that was suggested to me by a client.  The book is titled Life in the World Unseen: A Detailed Description of the Afterlife.  The book is by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson who resides in Spirit but wanted to return to put right the wrongs he felt he’d done and has therefore this book has been brought through the mediumship of Anthony Borgia.  It offers a unique comprehensive perspective of what life may be like for those who transition from this world to the next and was penned in 1959!  Copies of the book are somewhat hard to get hold of these days, but one kind gentleman has taken pains to type it up and put it out on the internet as a pdf, so you can click here and read for free!  http://new-birth.net/booklet/Life_in_the_World_Unseen.pdf

Did You Know?

Founded in 1882, The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.  Known for their serious study of topics commonly termed as “psychic” and “paranormal”, the SPR boasts an impressive list of scientists including the likes of Henry Sidgwick, Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir Williams Crookes .  Learn more about their fascinating history and what they’re doing today by clicking on this link. http://www.spr.ac.uk/