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When it comes to spiritual development and self realisation, it’s always a two pronged attack!  It’s important to gain personal experience, but it’s equally important to gain spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  So often, people eager to learn about psychic ability and mediumship, rush into practical development without gaining a depth of spiritual wisdom to help them make sense of the greater reality they tap in to.  This leaves them at a clear disadvantage, preventing them from becoming clear channels whilst also holding them back from mastery.

Enlightenment comes in stages, and we often feel a ‘shift’ within us once we gain deeper truths, BUT where can we go to meet fellow truth seekers, who will entertain deeper concepts alongside us and ‘deep dive’ in order to expand awareness.  It can be a lonely journey sometimes because as we awaken, what we discover can be exciting and mind blowing, yet we also discover not all close family members and friends are ready to “plunge in with us” to see through the illusion of the material world.

In response to this need, Claire has created Spiritual Awareness Sessions (SAS), where emphasis is on self realisation by gaining deeper understanding from wisdom teachings and current knowledge, in order to align the mind with the soul.  Twice a month, Claire facilitates online Zoom sessions that equate to “soul food”.  Simple but deeply transformative, these Spiritual Awareness Sessions take the format of a guided meditation, followed by participants being able to ask Claire any question they like on any spiritual topic.  Claire is able to draw from a vast amount of knowledge she herself holds due to 25 years of working with spirit, plus at times when needed, she draws upon the inspiration of her own spirit guides, and of course encourages group discussion when appropriate.  The focus of SAS is squarely on self-realisation and not competition or ego.

If you are seeking traditional workshops that teach you ‘How To’ because you wish to qualify and become a master in your field, a more intensive workshop or training course is advised.  Claire runs traditional workshops separately throughout the year, as well as training for the College of Psychic Studies.  Or, you may choose a different teacher more suited to your needs.

In the meantime, all that’s required to participate in the Spiritual Awareness Sessions, is the desire to enter a sacred haven with like minded people, in a down to earth manner, whilst you discover, expand, relax and unwind.  So, if reading the above excites you, your soul is saying these sessions are for you!

The cost of each Spiritual Awareness Session (SAS) is £15.  The forthcoming term which will run from January to early April, will consist of 7 sessions. In order to offer an affordable payment plan, payment can be made in either 2 instalments  – one of £60 covering January and February (4 x £15) and one of £45 covering March and one session in April. (3 x £15).  OR if you’d prefer to pay the full amount up front, £105 (7 x £15).  These SAS will commence on Wednesday 25th January at 7.30pm (UK TIME) and will last 90 mins.  They will run twice a month thereafter, finishing 19th April.

To request a space, please fill out the booking form below.  Ann will respond to you as soon as possible to confirm your booking and give you further details.

Did You Know?

These 1.5 hour Spiritual Awareness Sessions, perfectly compliment Claire’s once a month
Give It a Go! Sessions (GIGs), in which participants get the chance to explore their own psychic senses.  Unlike traditional workshops, these roll your sleeves up and play ‘Sandpit’ sessions, are designed to encourage self realisation through self discovery and enjoyment.  They are aimed at the novice and experienced.  Facilitated by Claire, the aim is to provide a practice ground for anyone keen to exercise their psychic senses in a safe environment with like minded people, who are happy to be practiced on whilst having fun doing it 🙂   To learn more about GIGs click here


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Fees for this event will be non-refundable once places have been confirmed. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and are limited. To take part in the event, participants will need to have either a laptop, smartphone or tablet with a strong Wifi connection. Earphones are also recommended. If you are booking for more than one person and you are in the same household, you will be required to ensure you are able to sit at separate devices in separate rooms, or share one device between participants if sitting together in the same room. This is to avoid audio feedback that occurs when two technical devices connect to Zoom in the same room. Refunds cannot be issued due to a failed network connection at the participants end. These sessions are designed for the development of spiritual awareness only and should not be considered as any form of therapy.