Private Readings


Private readings can be a wonderfully transformative and therapeutic experience for those who are seeking knowledge of an afterlife and are seeking deeper spiritual insight.  Claire works in her own unique way during private readings.  If you are seeking evidence of an afterlife by wishing to be connected to your loved ones via her mediumship, Claire works with her own spirit guide, ‘White Feather’ in order to connect you to those you love or know in the spirit world.  On top of this however, Claire’s remit has been expanded by the spirit team that work with her.  The spirit guides have informed her they are changing the way she is to work with them, because those who seek out her services now are also ready to benefit from deeper spiritual wisdom and insight.  Therefore, in a private 1:1 session with Claire, called a ‘Soul Guidance Reading’, she offers so much more information than a purely evidence based traditional mediumship reading might.  Soul Guidance Readings with Claire are truly unique experiences, individually tailored to your soul needs and highly specialised.  During sessions for example, it’s not unusual for you to hear about your own past lives and their connection to this lifetime’s experiences, or to learn of ancestral healing, your soul assignments and soul purpose, or to be introduced to your own spirit guides and other highly evolved beings.  This is all on top of any insight Claire receives from the spirit world about your loved ones.  It really is no wonder that ‘Soul Guidance Readings’ with Claire, are regularly described as mind blowing, unforgettable, sacred experiences, by those who choose to book an appointment with her.

Claire operates her private practice from Hampshire, UK on weekdays between 10am and 3pm. Appointments may be conducted either in person by visiting Claire, or via Zoom online.

Artist Impression of Claire’s spirit guide and helper, ‘White Feather’


PLEASE NOTE THAT FURTHER APPOINTMENTS FOR PRIVATE READINGS ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED until March 2024.  Additional dates will be released as soon as we can now that Claire is gradually returning to work.  Unfortunately, Claire was forced to take a break during 2023 in order to heal from an unexpected health issue.  We therefore thank you for your patience and invite you to keep a close eye on Claire’s social media accounts, in order for you to be amongst the first to hear when new appointments are released.


Private Reading Charges

March 2023 to March 2024

Invest in your spiritual well-being for £145.  Your appointment includes a 60 minute reading, plus additional time for questions and discussion related to your session.  Usual time spent with Claire is approximately 90 minutes.  Mediumship is always an experimental process and specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed.  If Claire cannot make a connection to the spirit world during the appointment, she will not make a charge.

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FOR CLIENTS IN THE UK ONLY the booking process is automated.  There are two options to choose from; either in person, or online via Zoom.  Please click on the relevant feather below to reserve an appointment. IMPORTANT – It is usual for Claire to be booked up a year in advance.  If you can’t find an available appointment straight away, please check back regularly as additional appointments will be released on an on-going basis in accordance with Claire’s availability as we move through the calendar year.  In addition appointments may become available due to cancellation.

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