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A private reading with Claire can be a wonderfully transformative, healing and therapeutic experience for those who are seeking knowledge of an afterlife and deeper spiritual insight.  Having now gained 25 years (plus) experience as a professional medium, Claire no longer works in the way you may have seen many traditional mediums work (for example on the television or social media).  Her spirit guides have told Claire that due to her vast experience, depth of spiritual knowledge and level of ability as a channel, they are now expanding her remit.  As part of that expansion, they wish to pass on a wealth of insight during readings, that they know will be highly beneficial to clients but which falls outside the remit of providing purely evidence based information pertaining to the survival of consciousness after death.  For those enduring the grief of a recent bereavement, the spirit guides still work to connect Claire to loved ones in the spirit world who are wishing to provide comfort and support to their loved ones here.  However, it will no longer be the sole focus of a reading for Claire because the spirit team working with her have made it very clear that the public in general, are in greater need of spiritual wisdom and deeper insight into the nature of their own eternal soul.  With this shift, Claire has been informed that a better description of her job title going forward, is Medium and Soul Seer with the readings Claire now provides clients, being described as Soul Guidance Readings.

What Does a Soul Guidance Reading with Claire likely include?

It’s best to listen to Claire herself, whilst she describes in greater detail the benefits of enjoying a session in person with her.  To do this, scroll down and watch the video below.  However, below is also outlined is a brief overview in the meantime, of what you will likely experience during a session with Claire.  Remember, this comes with the caveat that mediumship is always an experimental process and specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed.  Readings are also always unique to each and every individual and some readings may be more focused on certain areas of understanding whilst other readings on another, depending on what the spirit world know is needed:

  • Connection to your loved ones who have transitioned into the spirit world and a description of who they are
  • Evidence based information about your loved ones in spirit to help you trust the connection
  • Messages from those you love
  • Connection to past ancestors and the passing on of information to aid ancestral healing.  You may not know your ancestors but that does not affect the reading.
  • Connection with White Feather (Claire’s main spirit teacher) and the spirit guides.  If your own spirit guides wish to be known to you, they will usually provide a description of how they look and the role they play in guiding you, as well as communicating any messages they have for you.
  • The reading will also likely include (if the spirit guides know you need the understanding), information about past lives and their relevance to this life
  • Information about your soul assignments and your soul purpose.  Why you chose to enter into this world and what your soul is hoping to achieve from it
  • Depending on the need, the spirit guides may also introduce you to higher beings of light and other sentient beings such as animal spirit guides.
  • Understanding of your relationships from the soul perspective, including descriptions of soul connections and the role they play in helping you
  • Philosophy and spiritual wisdom from both Claire and the spirit guides to help you gain deeper perspective and understand your life better.  This it is hoped, will support and inspire you whilst encouraging you to live life to the fullest.

This list is not exhaustive and so you see the scope is vast.  It really is no wonder that ‘Soul Guidance Readings’ with Claire, are regularly described by clients as mind blowing, unforgettable, or sacred experiences.  Afterall, learning you cannot die and that you and your loved ones are eternal souls  journeying through this lifetime together and beyond (united in love and purpose), requires a shift in perspective to the positive.  When willingly made, this shift regularly helps people make greater sense of their suffering, aids emotional healing and provides focus in life, along with a sense of deep inner peace within.


Artist Impression of Claire’s spirit guide and helper, ‘White Feather’


PLEASE NOTE: New appointments will be released on an ongoing basis, however if you cannot find an available appointment it means that the calendar has reached a manageable capacity and has been temporarily suspended.  Please do keep checking back because new appointments will become available.

Please note that we do not hold a wait list as it’s ineffective. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.  Claire values you all. We trust that readings happen when they are supposed to, as part of divine timing.

Private Reading Charges

April 2024 to March 2025 

Invest in your spiritual well-being for £150 Your appointment includes a 60 minute reading, plus additional time for questions and discussion related to your session.  Usual time spent with Claire is approximately 90 minutes.  Mediumship is always an experimental process and specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed.  If Claire cannot make a connection to the spirit world during the appointment, she will not make a charge.

What Is a Soul Guidance Reading?

Watch Claire describe to you during this video, what you might expect from a Soul Guidance Reading with her, and how it differs from a traditional mental mediumship reading that focuses purely on evidence for the survival of consciousness.

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