Give It a Go! Sessions

When it comes to spiritual development and self realisation, it’s always a two pronged attack!  It’s important to gain spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding, but it’s equally important to gain personal hands on experience.  The reason personal experience is so important, is you move from belief and conceptual understanding into knowing.  This is why development of psychic senses becomes a key part of spiritual practice.  BUT, this is often the hardest part.  Where can you go to find a safe haven in which you can simply explore your own psychic potential without any pressure of an outcome, in a fun and supportive environment, whilst having people you don’t know too well in order to be able to practice on them?

Claire has created the idea of GIGs (“Give It a Go” sessions) in response to this need.  Unlike traditional workshops, these “sandpit” sessions will simply be a practice ground.  Imagine children at play.  They explore, discover and create together without any motivation other than to enjoy themselves.  Metaphorically speaking, the GIGs will be “sandpit” sessions where you can sink your toes into the sand, roll your sleeves up, play, explore and grow.  The emphasis is on self realisation, so you won’t be taught in the traditional sense, rather you’ll be guided by Claire to discover for yourself.  Claire will facilitate each monthly online Zoom session and it will be kept simple.  Sessions will include a guided meditation, a suggested exercise for practice and time allocated to break out into online practice rooms to get hands on.  It’s perfect both for participants wanting to explore their own psychic potential for use in their daily lives, and for participants wishing to become practitioners in their field but who need people to practice on.   It’s not about how good you are or how much you already know.  It simply doesn’t matter for these sessions. Participants will teach and learn from each other with focus squarely on self-realisation and not competition and ego.

If you are seeking traditional focused workshops because you wish to qualify and become a master in your field one day,  a more intensive workshop or training course is advised to compliment these sessions.  Claire runs traditional workshops separately throughout the year, as well as training for the College of Psychic Studies, or it may be there is different teacher who will meet these needs for you.

At the Give It a Go Sessions all that’s required is an open-minded willingness to take part, and a supportive attitude towards fellow participants.  Together we will create a safe, fun and encouraging environment whilst individuals unfold.  So, if reading all the above excites you, your soul is saying this is for you!

The cost of each Give It a Go session (GIGs) is £18.  The forthcoming term which will run from February to April, will consist of 3 sessions.  An up front payment of £54  (3 x £18) is required to secure a place and the first session will commence on Wednesday 15th February at 7.30pm (UK TIME) and will last 90 mins.  They will run once a month thereafter, finishing on April 26th.

To request a space, please fill out the booking form below.  Ann will respond to you as soon as possible to confirm your booking and give you further details.

Did You Know?

These 1.5 hour GIGs, perfectly compliment Claire’s twice a month online Zoom
Spiritual Awareness Sessions, in which participants ‘deep dive’ with Claire.  Any question, on any spiritual topic put to Claire, is answered.  Claire also shares inspiration from her spirit guides when appropriate, and facilitates group discussion.  These highly unique sessions are proving hugely popular!  To learn more, click here


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Fees for this event will be non-refundable once places have been confirmed. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and are limited. To take part in the event, participants will need to have either a laptop, smartphone or tablet with a strong Wifi connection. Earphones are also recommended. If you are booking for more than one person and you are in the same household, you will be required to ensure you are able to sit at separate devices in separate rooms, or share one device between participants if sitting together in the same room. This is to avoid audio feedback that occurs when two technical devices connect to Zoom in the same room. Refunds cannot be issued due to a failed network connection at the participants end. These sessions are designed for the development of spiritual awareness only and should not be considered as any form of therapy.