Suggested Reading/Helpful Links

There are a great many books worth reading to expand your knowledge of this field.  Claire suggests the following in no particular order of preference, as a starting point:

Books about mediumship and after death communication:

Things You Can Do When You’re Dead – Trisha Robertson

Among Mediums: A Scientist’s Quest for Answers Julie Beischel, PhD, Windbridge Institute Director of Research – this book is an accessible, bite-sized review of Dr. Beischel’s 10-year journey and the answers she discovered along the way

The Afterlife is Real – Theresa Cheung

Telephone Calls From The Dead – Dr Callum E Cooper

Contacting the Spirit World – Linda Williamson

The Scole ReportMontague Keen , Arthur Ellison

Many Lives, Many Masters – Dr Brian Weiss

The History of Spiritualism – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers  – Annie Kagan

Developing Mediumship – Gordon Smith

On The Edge of The Etheric – Arthur Findley

The Airmen Who Would Not Die – John G Fuller

Ghost Hunting – How To Investigate The Paranormal – Loyd Auerbach M.S.

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena in the Stewart Alexander Circle – Katie Halliwell

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship – Robin Foy

Voices: A Doris Stokes Collection: “Voices in My Ear”, “More Voices in My Ear  – Doris Stokes

Fifty Years a Medium – Estelle Roberts

Voices in the Dark, My life as a Medium – Leslie Flint

My Life As A Medium – Betty Shine

Books about Near Death Experiences:

The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences – Dr Penny Sartori

Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey – Dr Eben Alexander

Is There Life After Death? – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Life after Life – Raymond A Moody

Books about Consciousness Studies:

Irreducible Mind – Edward Kelly and Emily Kelly



Here are links to other websites you might also find helpful.  Claire does not endorse or accept responsibility for content on other websites.

People who have worked alongside Claire: – Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times Best Selling Author – Kathy Busby, Spiritual Medium based in Dorset.  An excellent medium who Claire has worked with many times Kathy Mingo, Aura Healer and shamanic practitioner.  Based in Epsom, UK.  Excellent medium and energy healer

Wendy McCallum – Lovely Medium who I have trained.  Also provides psychic readings using Tarot

Mediumship/Spiritualist Groups and Organisations – The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums – Pheonix Spiritual Centre, Reading. Raising awareness of Spiritual Knowledge and Mediumship – Fleet Spiritualist Church, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hants – Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, Hampton, Middlesex  Windsor Spiritualist Church – Spiritualist National Union – Spirit Release Forum – Forever Family Foundation, USA

Spiritual learning and healing: – Lucis College, Dorking.  Holistic Therapy College, UK – Banyan Retreat, UK The Athur Findlay College, UK

Bereavment and mental wellbeing sites: – Covering all aspects from death, dying, grief and bereavement – National charity offering counselling, support, help and advice to the bereaved – Provides confident emotianal advice 24/7

Preparing for the Death of a Terminally-Ill Loved One: What to Expect, and How to Help the Entire Family Move Forward

Symptoms of Major Depression and Complicated Grief

Guidelines for Helping Grieving Children

Coping With The Stigma of Grieving an Overdose Death

Grief & the Loss of a Pet

Grief At Work: A Guide For Employees and Managers