Autumn Newsletter 2014

photoHello to all from me! I hope you enjoy this latest information packed update.

Autumn holds great significance spiritually speaking.  Historically it is a time for reaping the harvest and giving thanks for what was received.  Traditionally it was believed that the veil between the two worlds was thinnest on All Hallow’s Eve, which marked the end of Summer.  It was thought that spirits of the dead returned to their homes on this night, so celebrations were held for them.  Candles would be placed on graves and chairs would be placed out in houses so ancestors could rejoin their families.  To ward off any evil spirits, the custom of dressing up in scary clothes and decorating the house was born.  Services and rituals were also held to ask for protection and help in surviving the harsh winter months to come.  With roots in Paganism and Christianity, Halloween originated from Celtic regions in the UK and Ireland but eventually these traditions made their way over to America and Halloween evolved into the type of celebrations we see today – a far cry from their spiritual origins.

As a Medium, I know that we do not require one day of the year to remember our loved ones who have transitioned.  Where there is love, there will always be love and those who have gone on before us do not need to wait for one day of the year to be close to us.  They are always only ever a thought away.  Many clients report to me that I must think them crazy because they still talk to their loved ones who have passed.  On the contrary! I know that those thoughts and wishes are registered and that many a spirit relation will report being very happy at the fact that they are said “Hello!” to when their photograph is passed by.  They know they have not been forgotten.

Although it may no longer be necessary to celebrate Halloween in the way our ancestors did, I do love the idea of communities setting aside the time to remember their relatives in Spirit and to reconnect with ancestors.  I would love to see the practice of remembering ancestors being bought back into people’s homes this Halloween if for no other reason than to raise a glass in celebration of the love that was shared, the great influence those people had on our lives and the lessons they taught us about who we are and who we wish to be.  Happy Halloween!

impression of Claire Broad's Spirit Guide

Teachings from Spirit

Channeled Teachings during Trance Mediumship

For the last couple of years I have been sitting for Spirit to develop Trance Mediumship with Alison Chapman and Lynne Killengray.  There have been some fascinating and often beautiful teachings/insights brought forward and now the time has come to be brave and share a little of these communications so they do not go to waste (even if I still consider my development to be a work in progress).  Here is an excerpt from 14 May 2013:

“They call it the Summerland, this land from where we are from and that makes me laugh because we do not have seasons in the same way that you do.  It is a land of light, this is true, but it is not always in Summer, here in Spirit.  There are many different dimensions/states of being and in some it is Summer; it is light and joyful, where we can exist in peace and in unity and together as one, but not all the dimensions could be described as Summerland.  It is a great misunderstanding to only call these dimensions in Spirit, in the non-physical, as Summerland.  You would understand it to be a vibrational existence, one of which we travel up through when we move from a physical/material existence into a non-material existence.  There are many frequencies, many dimensions, many planes from which you may pass from one to the next.  These are states of consciousness. More accurately put, it is where you are in your mind that dictates whether you are in a Summerland.  For some, they may as well be in a Winter, for they get stuck in the drudgery and the density of their thoughts, of their mind.  They do not believe they have a right to exist in a world of brightness and love.  They do not know or understand what this is.  They have missed the point.  They have forgotten about their true nature, their ability to love and they hide it, in a false pretense, believing it is better not to show their full emotional state so not to be hurt from doing so.  Some have even convinced themselves that this is who they are, that they are not good or loving.  It’s just a perception.  You can change your mind at any time; but they choose not to.  In these cold states of being where it is dark, you would not describe it as a Summerland. And so we work as a team, bringing light, not just into the Earth, but into those planes, into those dimensions, into those thought patterns, bringing a love and a peace if we can, to penetrate through the density.  What you do not realise is that this circle is working in this way also, coming down through the frequencies, through the dimensions, into the world of material, as we bring our intelligence, our love and our power, down from the highest realms, where you may say it is a Summerland.

It would not be reasonable to believe that everybody will always exist in the Summerland.  Life does not work that way.  The great universal laws of these universities that we exist in and lands and dimensions and planets and planes, do not operate in that way, for otherwise we would not have the freedom to choose what we wish, if we all only existed in that state of being.

You do not yet understand the power of intelligence, of conscious awareness on your planet.  You have only an inclination of the Great Spirit, of it’s intelligence that sweeps through these universities, schools, planes, planets, whatever you wish to call them, places of being, states of mind.  It permeates every aspect, we are all made from it, we are all part of it.  So yes, we have reached the Summerland and it is beautiful and we know the love and compassion and the degree to which one may feel it, which hardly ever gets to this state on Earth, but do not praise the Summerlands, look to the heavens, believe it is a divine right to be there.  We all work our way there and even when we are there, when we have reached that bright and loving place, there is still more to be obtained, for it is an eternal process, an unfolding of conscious minds and isn’t that wonderful, that we never reach the end. What is joyful is being able to reach up through these states, to travel, to explore, to be able to move around freely, through choice of expression and not to be stuck in the dense worlds.  To be able to experience this love, to be connected with those whom you love and who love you.  This is where the Summerland exists and it can be experienced here right now, and so we bring this love in, we wrap you in this love. We bring the Summerland to you and you will recognise it and when it is your turn to transition into non-physical planes of existence you will know that you do not have to be in the dense planes, you will reach for the higher more loving option.  You will be greeted by those who love you dearly and by those whom you do not yet know, but who have heard of your work and the things that you wish to achieve and who will come close to you, to lift you into the arms of glory, to show you the light, to shine it on your face, to open your mind so you can receive a love that you did not know was possible…and we will be there to enjoy it with you.  So, in your world of stress and of pressure and responsibility, of time that burdens you, always you are chasing it, remember, this is but a blink of an eye in the glorious being that you are, of the things that you will experience.  Bring yourself back in mind, to a Summerland and bring that Summerland around you now.  Have it here at your disposal so that you may always reach it, in Spirit and in Physical…and blessed you will be.”

Above image: Psychic Artist’s impression of Claire’s main Guide, Whitefeather.

Teachings brought through the mediumship of Claire Broad and as such the transcripts are the property of Claire Broad.

Bite sized learning…

Mindfulness and Mediumship

Half the battle in developing mediumship ability is learning to clear the mind of all thoughts. The Medium must become the observer in order to pass on with clarity information being presented from Spirit.  This takes much patience and practice but it does not mean you must find long periods of time in your day to meditate in order to learn how to clear your mind.  These simple tips and techniques will bring you back from your thoughts and into the current moment where Spirit Dimensions are accessible:

  • If at work, stop what you are doing for 20-30 seconds and bring your attention to the background noise going on around you.  This may be the sound of talking, the computer whirring, the clock ticking, the radio, machinery.  Don’t think about anything just listen and observe.
  • When your mobile phone rings, let it ring a short time before answering and during this time listen to the ringtone.  Again, don’t think, just listen.  This is mindfulness.
  • Sit down and breath deeply 3 times paying attention to each breath.  This always routes you in the present moment allowing you to clear your thoughts and relax.
  • Whilst out walking, listen to the sounds of the street, the traffic, or the wind blowing through the leafs on the trees. Don’t think, just pay attention.
  • Look out of a window or go sit in the garden and look at the nature around you.  Don’t label it in your mind, for example don’t think “Oh look at my tree it needs cutting back”, try to look at the tree without thinking a word, just take the tree in as if you are noticing it for the first time.  Even better, go touch the bark.
  • If you have young children or grandchildren, play with them.  They are masters a being present and in the moment as they have no awareness of time.  Giving them your full attention will automatically make you mindful.
  • Ladies, paint your nails!! Seriously, the concentration required will bring you into this moment 😉
  • Do something creative.  This exercises the right side of the brain which is in charge of intuition.

The world we live in demands left brain activity dominates our day.  We are in a constant stream of thought most of the time. It’s only through creating small windows of no thought in your mind and developing balance between your left and right brain activity, that you can create a small window in your awareness.   Your relatives in Spirit can utilise this window as an opportunity to get your attention or transmit their own telepathic thoughts to you.

What I’m up to!

I’m delighted to be running 2 workshops in November.

Firstly, I’ll be at Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church on Sunday 9 November.  This will be a practical hands on day developing upon our links with Spirit.  If you already have experience with making a Spirit link but would like to practice your mediumship for the day and develop with like minded people, then this day will be perfect for you.  You can book your space directly with Hampton Spiritualist Church 

Secondly, I’m really excited to be teaching at the Positive Living Centre in Merstham on Saturday 22 November with fellow medium, Nicola Tonsager.  She’ll be joining me all the way from Lincolnshire!  Nicola is a lovely lady and together we’ll be leading an Introduction to Mediumship 1 day workshop in the back of the Positive Living Centre shop.  For this reason, spaces are restricted, so if you like to book please click here to get more information about how you can book your space asap.

Calendar of Events:


Thursday 23rd, Fleet Spiritualist Church, 7.30pm


Sunday 2nd, Reading Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

Sunday 9th, Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, Mediumship One Day Workshop.  10am until 4pm. Book directly with church.

Sunday 16th, Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

Saturday 22nd, Introduction to Mediumship, One Day Workshop with Nicola Tonsager. 10am until 4pm.  Positive Living Centre, Mersham.  Click here for more details


Sunday 14th, Basingstoke Spiritualist church, 6.30pm

Looking for something to read?…

Spirits of Ouja: Four Decades of Communication

Psychotherapist, Karen A Dahlman has written a book about her four decades of communication via the Ouja board.  In her book, Spirits of Ouja: Four Decades of Communication, she discusses the history of the Ouja, why some people fear it and why perhaps we might want to look at the board in a new light.

Death and What Comes After

Journalist, Patricia Pearson is author of Opening Heaven’s Door, Investigating Stories of Life, Death and What Comes After.  Patricia Pearson is a mainstream media journalist with a success career, but after family members had a profound spiritual experience, Patricia used her journalist investigative skills to try to understand what happened.  She was frustrated to discover a whole heap of information and scientific understanding that is not being shared with the world and penned this book as one way to correct this omission.

Learn something new!

Did you know that scientists around the world are studying Mediumship?

Gary Schwartz MD is a modern pioneer in the scientific study of Mediums.  His book the After Life Experiments caused quite a stir in 2002.  He continues to study the paranormal and apparently, his work these days even involves trying to design technology that spirit’s can use to communicate with.

Julie Beishel PhD has been carrying out stringent triple blind experiments with Mediums with impressive results.  Her research has lead her to establish the Windbridge Institute which is dedicated to the science of understanding Mediumship and PSI phenomena.

Dean Radin, PhD, is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Volunteer Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, he held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International. He is author or coauthor of over 200 technical and popular articles, a dozen book chapters, and three books including the award-winning The Conscious Universe (HarperOne, 1997), Entangled Minds (Simon & Schuster, 2006), and the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award winner, Supernormal (Random House, 2013).  He is leading the way in scientific investigation of psi phenomena and psychic ability.

To meditate on…