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Introducing Claire

At the tender age of four, whilst visiting Richmond cemetery with her mum and nan, Claire Broad felt and heard the spirit of her deceased grandad communicating with her from beyond the grave.  Claire innocently delivered his message to her nan, stunning her.  The experience would stay with Claire’s nan her whole lifetime, whilst also moulding Claire’s own outlook on the nature of life and the existence of an afterlife.  By the time Claire reached her teenage years, a spirit guide giving himself the name of White Feather, made himself known to her.  White Feather, guided Claire to a medium named Sheila Thomas, and during the appointment, White Feather outright asked Sheila to take Claire under her wing for training.  It was then at her first development session, that White Feather passed a message to Claire through the mediumship of another student.  He told her they would work together in service and that Claire would go on to write for the spirit world.  Claire scoffed at the idea at the time, but it would be a prophesy that came true, exactly 20 years later!

In her adult years, Claire would be compelled to explore afterlife communication directly, taking an interest not only in becoming a practitioner of mediumship herself, but also in learning from highly respected scientific researchers in the field too.  This combination of a level headed, down to earth approach, balanced with hands on experience and deep spiritual wisdom, has proven highly popular with the general public and these days Claire finds herself in great demand across the globe.

Described as ‘an honest medium’ in the media and by Sunday Times bestselling afterlife author, Theresa Cheung, Claire now dedicates her life to the path of spiritual practitioner and teacher.  Following a bereavement, Claire helps clients heal themselves emotionally by demonstrating spirit communication through the therapeutic practice of mediumship.  Yes, life really is a continuum! And, because of her ability to establish a close connection to the higher dimensions of consciousness (where spirit guides, angelic intelligence and other high frequency beings reside), Claire is also a medium who is able to channel deeper wisdom and insights in the form of Soul Readings.

Alongside the above, Claire is accredited by the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums and has become a respected teacher and public speaker.  She runs her own successful training program and also teaches at the world famous College of Psychic Studies.  Her passion is to help people see they are able to sense the spirit dimensions for themselves, and connect into a greater reality.  Only then, can we truly self realise and live to our fullest potential.  Mediumship is not only about connecting to those in spirit that we love.  At it’s best, it is a catalyst experience, leading us into higher states of consciousness.

Claire’s bestselling books, ‘Answers from Heaven’ (Little Brown Books) and ‘What The Dead Are Dying to Teach Us’ (Watkins Books) and ‘Heaven Sent’ (Welbec 2023), have now helped thousands more awaken to a greater truth.  On top of this, Claire has addressed sold out theatre audiences and brought her message of life after death to thousands more, when making guest appearances on popular shows such as The Emma Barnett show on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 4’s Beyond Belief, Howard Hughes’ The Unexplained on TalkRADIO, Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, Alex Tsakiris’ Skeptiko podcast and Patrick Keller’s Big Seance Podcast, to name but a few.  She has been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mirror, The Express, OK Magazine and many popular spiritual magazines including Soul and Spirit, Psychic News and Spirit and Destiny.  Her YouTube videos and YouTube Live videos are steadily building in popularity too.

In 2020, Claire’s work with the spirit world became even more wide reaching and leading edge, when her path divinely crossed with powerful and highly gifted energy healer, Gyles Whitnall.  Together, they were trained directly by White Feather himself, alongside a team of advanced spirit guides.  The purpose? To work as complementary channels for spirit in total unison, with the benefit of offering a highly specialised, unique and transformative soul healing service to those suffering a spiritual crisis and those wishing to level up on their pathway to ascension.





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Claire is an Institute of Spiritualist Mediums registered and approved medium