Your Reading

What To Expect From Your Reading

Please take time to read all the below information before your appointment with Claire.


Before your sitting begins, it is important to be a little informed. Claire always takes time at the beginning of every reading to explain how she works and what to expect. This will ensure you get the best from your appointment. Current law dictates that Mediums must state that readings are conducted for your entertainment purposes only!


  • The Medium’s purpose is to provide evidence for the survival of consciousness after death and for the continuation of life. This cannot currently be scientifically substantiated. The Medium therefore, will have done their job if:
  • they establish a link with a communicator and you understand who that communicator is,
  • they provide evidence for the survival of death in the form of information you already know or can research and of which, the medium had no prior knowledge of
  • they describe the overall intention of the message for you
  • Mediumship is always experimental in nature and therefore specific outcomes can never be guaranteed
  • The Medium is NOT a fortune teller.
  • Medium or psychic? There is a difference between a purely psychic reading and a reading with a Medium. A purely psychic tarot card reader will not describe to you a loved one who has passed. The focus in the reading is more likely to be on areas of your life and possible future predictions. The Medium’s primary purpose is to make a connection with a 3rd party communicator and provide evidence for the continuation of life after death. Understanding this is key.
  • A responsible Medium never knowingly predicts the death of another person
  • It is possible that the Medium will give you information about an imminent future event, i.e. a holiday coming up. However, 9 times out of 10 this will be something you are already aware of and so constitutes evidence, not a prediction.
  • The Medium cannot demand a particular person make contact with them.  You are encouraged to keep an open mind as to who may be seeking communication with you. Coming along only wanting to hear from one particular person could lead to disappointment.
  • A common sense approach is encouraged at all times and no life decisions should be made based on information presented during the reading
  • The Medium cannot be held responsible for how the sitter (person receiving the message) interprets the information given to them.  It is the Medium’s responsibility to interpret as accurately as they can, the information presented to them from Spirit.
  • Medium’s are human, they sometimes make errors in translation. For this reason, no reading is ever 100 percent accurate. It should however, be decidedly more accurate than inaccurate and you will recognise when the Medium goes beyond chance. If there is anything you don’t understand feel free to ask for more clarity and keep a level headed approach to the information presented to you at all times.
  • Remember, any guidance you receive is only that – guidance. It is an opinion and you are free to dismiss it or take it on board at your discretion. A good Medium will never tell you what decisions to make and what to do with your life. As you would not always take advice from loved ones who are living here, do not feel you need to take advice just because it comes via a medium. You are the only person with authority to make decisions about your life. No-one else can do that for you.
  • Please DO NOT give the Medium ANY details of your life. It makes their job harder and it may cast doubt in your mind at the end of your sitting. Sit back and enjoy your reading. Let the Medium do the work for you. A “Yes” or “No” answer or “I do not understand” or “yes, I can see what you mean by that” is all that’s needed from you.
  • Mediumship is not a substitute for counselling. If you are experiencing difficulties in life and are having trouble dealing with them emotionally or if you are having trouble dealing with grief brought about by the death of a loved one, it is recommended you seek out a professional who is qualified to deal with such matters, or contact your doctor. There are also links to professional organisations on this website. Please see the Links page. Claire never knowingly reads for the extremely emotionally vulnerable.
  • The best results are achieved when people come to a sitting with an open mind and heart. Trying to trip the Medium up or having a dogmatically negative attitude only serves to block the flow of the process. A better approach is to take the reading as it comes and to be an open minded observer about what you receive. It is healthy to critic your reading afterwards.
  • A reading is a deeply personal experience. Try to be aware of how the reading resonates within you. This is where the true connection is made.


Choosing which medium or psychic to have a reading with should not be a decision taken lightly. An irresponsible or inexperienced person could cause more grief than they may be trying to help alleviate. Be clear in your mind about what you’re looking for from your sitting. For example, are you looking for evidence that your loved ones have survived death, do you need comfort or peace of mind, or are you looking for psychic predictions. Take time to find out which service the Medium/Psychic can offer BEFORE you book. A reading should ALWAYS be a positive experience for you.

If you are having difficulties dealing with overwhelming grief or finding it hard to cope in life, please seek out a qualified professional such as a counsellor, or contact your GP. Links are provided on this website also.