Summer Newsletter 2014

The warmer weather is here – hurray! I’ve sent out my Summer Newsletter and you can receive my updates too by signing up here.

Heart Felt Thanks

A heart felt THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came along and supported us at Camberley Theatre last night.  You all helped to make it a really special evening.  The love coming through from the Spirit World was wonderful and those of you who received a message met it by speaking up and really taking part.  Continue reading »


Hello to everyone! SPRING IS HERE! Well, Spring is upon us and it seems as if we’ve literally been washed into it.  The planet definitely seems to have been out of balance this winter and it reminds me of a podcast I listened to back in the beginning of January.  It was an astrology forecast Continue reading »

Don’t fear death

Watch this video on Lorraine with Penny Sartori PHD, an intensive care nurse who says we should not fear death based on the data she has collected over years of studying and working with dying patients who report having Near Death Experiences.

An Evening of Mediumship

Due to popular demand, Kathy Busby and Claire are delighted to join together once more to bring you an Evening of Mediumship. Having demonstrated and taught across the UK and internationally, Kathy and Claire bring with them a fresh approach to mediumship. It is their firm belief that consciousness survives physical death and at this Continue reading »

52% believe in ghosts

Telegraph article about the rising belief in ghosts

Consciousness study

Interesting article in Wired Science about the study of consciousness surviving death All we can say now is that the data suggests that consciousness is not annihilated. – Dr Sam Parnia

Life After Death

Huffington Post article asking why more and more people are taking an interest in life after death?

Neurosurgeon’s NDE

Daily Mail article about the fascinating account of Dr Eben Alexander’s Near Death Experience–fell-coma-flying-meadows-beautiful-guardian-angel.html