Training with Claire

Claire runs an exciting program of training throughout the year which proves very popular.  This page is updated reguarly, please check back soon for further updates so you do not miss out.   Keep an eye on Claire’s social media too, as she’ll post videos to keep you informed.



Date: Duration: Location: Name: Description:
25 January 1 Day workshop Fleet Spiritualist Church, Hampshire Awakening the Channel Within

This one day workshop has been designed by Claire to teach the beginner how to bring the practice of Fleet churchmediumship and channelling into the home in ways that can benefit daily life.  Teaching participants how to sense the spirit world around them, this workshop will be hands on and fun, connecting like minded people together and creating a peaceful environment for the development of spiritual practice.  For more details on content, pricing, venue etc. and to book your space, click here
Tuesday, 18 February 20.00 until 21.30 Pheonix Spiritual Group, Radstock Lane Community Centre, Reading Angel Board talk, demonstration and lesson Claire will be talking about Angel Boards/Talking Boards or Ouija Boards as they’re also known and teaching by demonstration.  By dispelling the myths and bringing a healthy dose of logical thinking into the mix, Claire will help participants release their own fear of the board.  Used by mediums for the purposes of developing automatic writing since the Victorian era, the talking board can be used safely to channel messages from spirit guides and the angels.  Cost £17.50.  Book your ticket directly with Pheonix Spiritual Group.  See Poster by clicking here
29 February to 1 March 2 day workshop Farnham, Surrey Developing Mediumship with Confidence This fun and engaging workshop at a beautiful venue in Surrey, has been designed to help the beginner level student retreat from the pressures in life, in order to learn how to make a connection to the spirit world with confidence. In a like minded and encouraging environment, Claire will share knowledge and tools to help students rise above their own doubts in their ability and fear of failure. To lear more and book your space, click here
Saturday 4 July One Day Workshop College of Psychic Studies, London Developing Your Own Connection To The Spirit World

This workshop is aimed at beginner to intermediate level.  In a nurturing and non-competitive environment, join Claire as she supports Image result for college of psychic studiesparticipants in  developing their own connection to the spirit world.  You don’t have to be an aspiring medium to attend, you may simply want to know how to recognise when spirit beings are drawing close to you.   If you are an inspiring medium however, this workshop will help participants learn how to develop a deeper connection to spirit and also what constitutes evidential based mediumship.  Build trust and gain confidence as you learn in a easy to digest manner, the scientific research available offering you reassurance that “you’re not simply making it all up or imagining it”.  Finally, learn how healing and transformative therapeutic mediumship can be, both for the recipient of a message and those in the spirit world.

Spaces are limited to ensure a better learning experience.  Book early to avoid disappointment.