An Evening of Mediumship

An Evening of Mediumship with Kathy Busby and Claire Broad

Due to popular demand, Kathy Busby and Claire are delighted to join together once more to bring you an Evening of Mediumship. Having demonstrated and taught across the UK and internationally, Kathy and Claire bring with them a fresh approach to mediumship. It is their firm belief that consciousness survives physical death and at this event they will  blend their energies together, working in partnership to provide accurate evidence to support their belief. Messages will be delivered to the audience with compassion, honesty and integrity and far from being something to be feared, this uplifting evening with it’s down to earth and natural approach will likely be one of heart warming connections and a testament to the fact that love never dies.

DISCLAIMER: Current law dictates that demonstrations of mediumship are for your entertainment purposes only. It should be noted that mediumship is always experimental in nature and therefore specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Audience members should be 18 years or older and come aware that they may be required to participate with the mediums during the demonstration should a message be delivered to them.