About Claire

Claire gave her first spirit communication to a relative at the age of 4 (although remarkably, she remembers being aware of spirit people before this) and started to develop her ability at the age of 21 with the hope that through developing her skills, she might help others and better understand the question of life after death for herself.  She has 20 years professional experience, working in various ways, including 1:1 private sittings, public demonstrations, public speaking and teaching. Claire is co-author of  No 1 selling book, Answers From Heaven, Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife (Little Brown Books, Piatkus) and will be releasing her second book, What The Dead Are Dying To Teach Us (Watkins Media) in September 2019.  Claire regularly runs workshops and classes related to mediumship and spiritual development and often is a speaker at spiritual awareness centres and churches.  Claire has been accredited by the ISM as a Registered and Approved Medium (RAM).

Claire is extremely busy and it is normal for her private practice to be fully booked far in advance. Her aim is to provide clients with evidence for the survival of consciousness after physical death, with the hope that in providing this insight, clients may gain an expanded awareness of life and the motivation to move through their grief and live more happily.   She has read for all types of people, from all types of backgrounds and professions, including many from the scientific and medical communities. (Please note, Claire has a policy not to read for anyone under the age of 18 years.) Claire values integrity and professionalism above all else and knows how important it is that you, as the client, can place your trust in her. She delivers messages responsibly with compassion and honesty and with the intention that a reading should always be an empowering experience. Sittings with Claire are therapeutic by nature.

Claire’s own career background was in the advertising and entertainment industries preiously, where she held senior positions at major companies such as Leo Burnett Advertising and The Walt Disney Company Ltd. Claire is also a fully qualified Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, having completed her diploma at The London College of Massage. However, due to sheer demand, Claire made a choice to focus on her mediumship after starting a family.

Claire’s passion is to educate people that they can be in touch with spirit for themselves and much of her work is based around combining wisdom teachings with practical down to earth experience to help people awaken to their own potential.  Claire is down to earth and “normal”, living every day life as a Mum, but her life is enriched by the evidence she has received spanning her lifetime, that points to consciousness surviving physical death and life continuing on. We all experience the pain of losing a loved one at some time in our lives. Exploring the evidence for the continuation of life after death is important, not because people should be encouraged to become reliant on a Medium or feel the need to look for signs that their loved ones are around them constantly, but rather because opening ones awareness to the possibilities of life it’s self and trying to understand the true nature of consciousness may bring about the potential for healing, peace of mind, change and growth.