Writing for the Spirit World

For twenty years, Claire repeatedly received messages from various mediums (who did not know her personally) telling her that spirit teachers were expressing the want for her to write books for them. These messages became so specific, they outlined how, when and even what the books would look like. Not seeing how this could actually come true and having no aspirations to be a writer, Claire dismissed the messages and did nothing to persue a writing career. In 2016 however, Claire’s life changed forever when from out of the blue, Sunday Times bestselling author, Theresa Cheung contacted Claire saying she felt “heaven had guided her to Claire” and suggesting that they work together.  What followed was a highly successful book collaboration and the release of the No.1 best selling book “Answers From Heaven” (Piatkus 2017). Claire’s spirit guides were not done however, as more messages followed telling of a second book which Claire would write on her own.  On 10 September 2019, these messages would prove themselves true again with the release of What the Dead are Dying to Teach Us – Lessons Learned From The Afterlife (Watkins Books), which listed as a bestseller on Amazon on publication day!

What The Dead Are Dying To Teach Us

Released 10 September 2019, What The Dead Are Dying To Teach Us listed as a bestseller on Amazon in it’s first day of release.  Here’s what experts in the field say about the book:

‘Claire Broad is an honest medium. The eternal wisdom she shares in this beautiful book will bring spiritual comfort, guidance and inspiration from cradle to beyond the grave.’
– Sunday Times bestselling author Theresa Cheung

‘There should be more people like Claire Broad in the world … her book will help anyone wanting to understand life after death. Claire asks important questions allowing us to experience her trust in the spirits that guide her, as they provide answers.’
– Gordon Smith

‘What the Dead Are Dying to Teach Us address what it’s like to be a medium, and Claire Broad shares what’s she’s learned about how you can experience spirit – and spiritual – connections. But rather than relying only on her experience, or that of her spirit guides, she keeps the reader grounded in the physical world by bringing in the work of scientists studying experiences, abilities, and phenomena that put a spotlight on consciousness surviving the death of the body, as well as the experiences of everyday people with the Afterlife. I highly recommend this book for anyone exploring questions about spirit communication and Life After Death (and psychic experience in general).’
– Loyd Auerbach, M.S. Parapsychologist –.


What The Dead Are Dying To Teach Us shares 7 key lessons learned from Claire’s experiences with the spirit dimensions; You Are Spirit, Death Is An Illusion, You Are Never Alone, You Can Rise Above Fear, Love Never Dies, Ask And It Will Be Given, Nobody Dies Alone

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Answers From Heaven

Claire’s first book is a collaboration between herself and Cambridge College graduate in Theology and bestselling author, Theresa Cheung.  The book is thoroughly modern, combining the voice of the practitioner, with the researcher and includes the research of Dr Julie Beischel renown scientist in the field of mediumship studies.

Answers From Heaven shares fascinating true stories of ordinary people who have experienced direct communication from the spirit world, and those who have received proof of survival through a reading with Claire.  Answers From Heaven outlines the many different ways that heaven may answer our prayers, offer us comfort and provide proof of survival, and includes:
The top ten afterlife signs
What near-death experiences can tell us
The meaning of visions and dreams
The importance of intuition and coincidence
Advice on visiting a medium

As well as examining the ways in which messages can come to us from the other side, Answers from Heaven outlines the latest scientific research on the afterlife and mediumship, and helps shed light on one of the most important questions about human experience – what happens after we die? It also shares the practical steps we can all take to become more attuned to the medium that lies within us and recognise the signs that heaven is calling.

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