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  • Marcel Daoust

    Hi Claire,
    my name is Marcel and I recently purchased your book ” Answers from Heaven “. Just a little background story to get you in the loop, I had a sister named Claire who passed away due to cancer a few years ago. Now every time I see her name somewhere, I feel she’s connecting with me. By the way, her birthday was February 11th and she passed away in 2014 . I miss her big time. I will try to connect with you soon and hope you can find time to do a reading for me when you get a chance.
    Loved your book !

    • Hi Marcel. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and for reading Answers From Heaven. I’m sorry to learn about your lovely sister, Claire. I don’t doubt she’s sending you signs and it’s lovely to know that you can still feel a connection with her. It would be lovely to read for you one day but in the meantime, did you know I just released a new book called What The Dead Are Dying To Teach Us – Lessons Learned From The Afterlife? Do stay connected with me via social media and I send my very best wishes x Claire x


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