25 Jan ’20 – Awakening the Channel Within – Fleet Spiritualist Church

Have you had your own psychic experiences and would you like to build upon them in order to develop a connection within yourself to the spirit dimensions?  Would you like to know more about mediumship and how to practice it well at home? Maybe you’d like to learn how to bring the practice of mediumship into your daily life and benefit from it?

Mediumship isn’t just a practice to be used in platform demonstrations or in one to one readings with clients.  There are many ways you can bring a fulfilling connection to spirit into your own life and gently learn from the experiences gained and share your understanding with others, in order to bring hope.  When used well, developing a connection to spirit may not only enhance your own mental wellbeing, but also provide you with tools to deepen your spiritual understanding and awaken the channel within.

Join medium and author, Claire Broad ISM/RAM who herself has 24 years experience as a professional medium, on this fun and hands-on workshop which has been designed for beginners and budding mediums alike.   It will explore various ways in which you can bring the practice of mediumship into your daily life and will also provide a space away from the rat race, to sit with like minded people and allow your connection with spiritual energy to build. 

Topics this workshop will include:

  • Opening the doorway to spirit with meditation
  • What is mediumship and how can it be used?
  • Understanding evidence for survival
  • Developing your own relationship with spirit teachers at home
  • Receiving philosophy and wisdom of spirit
  • Mediumship as a therapeutic practice
  • Exploring tools and techniques to use at home, in order to awaken your channel



Fleet Spiritualist Church
193 Aldershot Road,
Fleet, Hants
GU52 8JS

When:                     Saturday 25 Jan 2020

Time:                      10am until 4pm

Suitable                   beginner and budding mediums

Price:                       £20 (special workshop price offered at Fleet Spiritualist Church)

What to bring:       A packed lunch

To book your space visit : http://fleetspiritualistchurch.co.uk/specialevents.htm